Well Hello 2012

So its 2012.

for blog 2012

Feel any different than yesterday?

As a true Southerner I will be having my black eyed peas today.  Kale chips sound better than collards & easier to fix so that’s on board.  I don’t even remember the significance of these traditions, but I think it has to do with money.  Not risking.  Just like the 12 grapes & 12 wishes at midnight, why not?

I was good & waited til last night to put the new sheets on my bed that my parents were sweet enough to give me.  So I woke in 600 thread count purple softness.  Also get to wear a fresh new Panthers tee for the first game of the year against the Saints.  New year WITH a Panthers game from bed is a perfect start to things!

Today is day one of the latest greatest challenge…  hoping to stick with this one.  Hate that the last one ended up being more than I was really into.  But this one is simple.  Move 30 minutes each of the first 100 days of 2012!  Sounds easy enough, right?  Easy enough that I should do it.  Start the year off right.

While on the 100 kick, I’m also revisiting a challenge I previously have done.  Out with the old & maybe later in with the new.  Time to purge 100 Things again! Today & tomorrow I’m off work & its a great time to work on dejunktifying my life.  (yes that is a word. I just made it one.) That and tossed 2 things out of my world.

Confession.  Last year I watched 127 movies but only finished TWO books.  Head hangs very low.  I started several I never finished.  The real blame is probably all the blogs I read.  I can’t even imagine how many I have read this year.  This realization gave me an added push to go check out eReaders.  This year I will read more books.  Maybe the eReader would help.  Maybe not.  Certainly worth a try.  Just need to figure out which one is best for me & find a time when the store has it & I can spend the cash.  Could be a great reward for completing the first 100 day challenges!  I admit I love the whole books on the shelf look.  The cover art.  The pages & size of the book.  I’ve been hesitant to hop on the eReader train & ditch the old fashioned reading train, but who said you can’t read both ways?  Save the shelf space for the really loved ones instead of the ones I keep wanting to get around to reading.

Started doing the 10 on 10 giving last year & there is no way I am stopping.

Feels great to give back to various organizations that are doing great things all over in so many ways.  Hoping that others follow me & are inspired to give when & where they can.  We are so lucky in all we have & we always have something to share… even if only a kind word or smile.

Also I am back on board with the budgeting every month.  Its been long enough at this job where I can predict the paychecks.  Its time to work on that debt snowball.  Inspired by Dave Ramsey, but I’m not that hard core (yet).  Still need to enjoy & live life, but being aware of where every dollar is going isn’t a bad thing.  I’m a Virgo, its my nature.  I feel more comfortable knowing I am controlling my cash rather than just watching it flow in & out.

Need to make a decision that I’m dreading but not sure why.  You can be sure I will blog about it sooner or later, but for now its just one of those things where I need to figure out if risking who I am is worth becoming who I could be.  I’m amazed by everything that science can do, but do I want to be a guinea pig & risk it all?  Good thing is that I can put it on hold as long as I need.

So much opportunity in a new year.

Going to spend today continuing to dream & see what best fits me.  Hoping that 2012 finds us all Happy, Healthy, Safe & Secure.  May we always be making wishes & making those wishes come true – if they are what is best for me & you.

Time for pug snuggles, parrot dancing & cheering on the Panthers in that bitter sweet last game of the season.  Before I know it, they will return & hopefully I will again be able to sit in BOA Stadium for at least one home game.


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