Let It Go

Today was all about change.

Started out as a declutter session.  Get the chaos out & get organized.

One room in one day.  Then it snowballed.

Thankfully I wasn’t solo in the endevor or it never would have happened.

The couch was kicked to the curb!

don’t let it fool you, that was a fresh recover

No more wondering what to recover it with now.  No more UGLY furniture with old memories.  That couch has had its day.  Plus there is a new one on the way…. sooner or later thanks to my sister thinking of me.  She knows someone who moved & seeing the great condition of the couch & the FREEness, she snagged it.  So hopefully in August we can coordinate schedules & get it here.

Rumor is a table & chairs may actually be coming too.  What am I an adult now!?!  No more coffee table dining? whaaaa?  (yes please)

Still once the “trash everything” ball got rolling, we really got carried away!  Maybe it is all the get rid of the extra in your life, clutter is holding you back, etc talk I have heard lately, or maybe it was just time.

I tossed the ottoman with the wobbly leg that never stayed fixed.  The ugly side table that went with the couch and didn’t match the two other black Lack tables in the room.  Then it hit me when we were going through all the drawers & doors of the entertainment center – why not toss this massive beast too?  With the wood stuff gone, it matched NOTHING.  Plus it was MASSIVE!  Seemed like a huge change & isn’t that what all this is about?  Less space to stash the stuff, less stuff.  So we did.

Right to the curb it went.

My yard looks like someone could live out there.

Who knows what the neighbors think.  Who cares?  Feels much different in here.  In a great way.  The TV did need a spot to sit, so cheap fix it was.

Wishing IKEA was closer to dream in, but these work for now.

I feel very inspired.  The assistance of the man is a huge boost  – who can move a couch solo? Plus a book I just started reading, Throw Out 50 Things by Gail Blanke, is fueling fire.

Her method to declutter & organize is to toss 50 things, but unlike the previous challenge you can’t count each thing and you don’t have to rush.  Donate 4 books, only counts as one thing – books.  Toss 3 pairs of old worn out shoes, 1 thing to the list – shoes.  So you really are focusing on the stuff not the number.  Proud to say I am up to 36 things.  Yes I love a good challenge.

Now to decide what room to attack next…

Dreading my closet the most.  Maybe its time to climb that mountain again.

How the heck do we collect so much stuff?!

That blog cracks me up so much.  Nope I may never be an adult, but for now…. its ON!

Admittedly at first I had to wonder what on earth I was thinking.  I’m unemployed.  I’m in school.  I do not have the cash flow to be replacing furniture or anything really right now.  What if I need it again?  What if?  I will survive.  I do NOT need all those exercise VHS tapes that were collecting dust in the back of the entertainment center.  No one does.  Dog toys that Baxter never even looks at? Trash.  Incense cones that were free… never going to use them.  All this crap I don’t need…but what if it were to come in handy?  Who cares.

Letting it go.  If it doesn’t do me good right now, I don’t need it around right now.  Feels liberating, but yes a little scary.  Change always does.

Never get to where I want to be by living where I was.  Relocating doesn’t seem to be in the cards, but reinvention just takes imagination & motivation.


Hope Glows Like a Chandelier

Remember how I dreamed of redoing my bedroom & then put all that on hold after changing & then leaving my job?

study session

I wanted so badly to just change it all from top to bottom.  I really did mean start at the top!

Even tried to make a faux capiz chandelier that basically would fit over the existing unit & replace the cover!  That stupid thing is STILL waiting around for me to finish.  It may end up chunked in the trash very soon. I tried to make lemonade out of the lemon of a bedroom light I had, but without the sugar it just ended up sour & unfinished.

 This weekend I got offered some free handy services from the Crab.  He had noticed a few things that to me would mean expensive outside professional help, but having previously built a few houses himself, he had the knowledge & ability to fix.  Some seemed simple,  but annoying – like the bathroom door that seems to enjoy trapping people inside with its required random number of turns to open.  Some seemed monumental to me – like the dripping faucet IN THE BATH TUB! No clue how to even begin to tackle that one.  I seriously had visions of needing to rip thru a wall to get to the pipes.  Deal was I bought the supplies and he would give free labor, I tossed in dinner for good measure & we were off to the home improvement big box.  Several trips & hours later, I was beaming at all that had been accomplished.

thankfully it wasn’t THAT drastic!

Then he mentioned the fact that the two bulbs in the ceiling light in my bedroom were driving him crazy being two different wattages or shades or whatever it was.  Honestly I didn’t think it mattered as much as I hated that light.  Course I agreed that installing new matching bulbs would be a good thing & off we were…. almost.  Then I brought up the chandelier & how I had dreamed of popping it up one day.   I’m sure he probably regreted the next statement, but there it was “I can put that up if you want. Its not hard.”  HA!  Not hard my ass.  It is when you have no clue what’s what.

Out came my crystal laden beauty!  After some adjusting for height, there it was – up and on!  The dream was one little step closer to being reality.  We talked of moving stuff around & replacing this or that.  But mostly all I could do was stare in wonder at the light, finally where it should be lighting up my room.  It already felt/feels cozier & more me.

Maybe the dreams aren’t totally dead just yet.  Sometimes I guess it takes a few steps back & letting go to move forward.  Then again a great side kick certainly helps too.

Tomorrow I attempt to tackle the summer clothes purge – 100 things gone (yes I have more than enough clothes to wear! Sadly I may be a clothes hoarder).  We dropped off one bag at the Goodwill today with 26 things no longer needed.  Tomorrow going for at least another 75!  We shall see.

Also looking forward to registering for classes in the morning & figuring out what the next few months are going to look like.  Hopefully I can get into the classes I need & maybe even have some time left over to get a part time job & bring in money to assist in taking a few more steps to home improvement.  We shall see.  But tonight I am going to be snoozing under my very own chandelier – feeling pretty proud, pretty loved & just plain pretty.

Getting down low

I have rug burns on my both knees.  Fun you say? no.  Just still recovering from child care duty last night.  As much as I didn’t want to do it, I still did it well.

Thankfully tonight was a MUCH better night spent home relaxing with the crew.

Spent some time looking over some houses in the area on Realtor.com and wondering what on earth some people were thinking when it comes to wall colors and flooring options.  Serious carpet chaos going on in some of those places.  Still a bit blocked & really not enjoying what I am seeing at the prices I realistically should be looking at.

In an effort to turn the negative thought to positive I decide to post a few floors I do like.  Put it out there into the universe.

Source: flickr.com via Angie on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Karola on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Patricia on Pinterest




anything but carpet.
or penny flooring. that crap is just tacky.


In honor of my recent bout with the Sinister Sinus Infection, I should give away these adorable tissues to everyone who read thru the sniffy complaining & whining.

But unfortunately I won’t be.  Lets just move right past that whole illness thing & go on to better days! I know I am ready.  The stuffy nose may still be here, but I am feeling better.  Soon back to normal.

Oh & if you really are in love with those tissues, you can easily snag a package at Pier One Imports.  Seriously they are too cute to use, but I would anyway!

pier one dreaming

I am lucky enough to have a couple of Pier Ones in town & there isn’t a time I go in there where I don’t feel like a kid in a toy store – wishing I could at least pick one thing to take with me since I’ve been such a good girl.  More often than not, my wishes exceed my checking account, but the dreaming is always fun.

Yesterday I made it through the entire day of work and all the chaos of being out most of the week.  Came home, checked my personal email &  felt like that kid being rewarded for being good! I won a gift card to Pier One!  Not even joking here.  One of my favorite blogs to dream with Courtney Out Loud, was doing a contest & of course I entered.  One of the ways to enter was to comment with what you would buy if you won.  Which lead to a couple of hours of dreaming & the verdict was either the new bed I have been wanting or a chair to replace the ottoman that has been pulling double duty as both the intended ottoman & sewing stool at my desk.  Both choices would be MAJOR improvements.  Imagine my surprise when I won!

So now the fun challenge begins.  Do I keep dreaming about ideas or hold myself to the two choices? Whatever I end up doing, its going to be GREAT!  Spending the $50 prize and more cash will not be a problem in Pier One!

So a BIG THANK YOU to Courtney Out Load & Pier One.

You have truly made a cruddy week wonderful!

On Hold

I planned to spend the weekend with friends doing fun things and getting more done in the house.  I planned on being able to crave working out each day for 30 minutes by now since its been over two weeks since I started.  I planned on being at work this morning at 8:30 ready to face the day & do what I do.

All that got put on hold.  My body had other plans.

Woke up feeling worse.  Or maybe the same, but knowing I couldn’t feel like this made it feel even worse.  I got up, dragged myself to the bathroom to start the morning routine & with tears in my eyes realize it was not happening.  I wasn’t crying.  More like the eyes watering thing you get when you just feel awful physically.  My body still aches, my head is pounding, felt dizzy, stomach is twisted and I can breath thru my mouth still even if my nose seems to be on vacation, but at least mentally the sleep did me well.  So I am using the first paid day off of 2012 – as an actual sick day.  Bummer.

So back to bed.  Popped a couple of pills & chugged down more water.  Hoping that resting and sleep will kick this to the curb.  So Baxter at least seems happy with my choice.

So why I am blogging instead of snoozing?  That would be the parrots.  For whatever reason my staying home has them excited & in no mood to stay quiet.  Again I am wishing for a bigger house & a dedicated bird room or space.  Some way to get away & rest quietly.  I love ’em but sometimes….  so instead I will lay here & rest.  Dreaming of quieter places.  Maybe wish that I hadn’t put my bedroom makeover or moving to another place on hold.

blue boudior

study session

I’m Sofa King Ready

So the interview today was FANTASTIC! ….why is it always the ones you don’t expect that end up being the best?  I nearly didn’t go.  I got the worst headache & nearly just skipped it but I threw on some clothes & went anyway.  No big primp or fuss, just black pants, a button up shirt & a quick brush through the hair.  Honestly the job listing didn’t have me jumping.  Sounded a but too close to the scam ones.  BUT after I arrive, I got intrigued.  For starters the office didn’t have the office feel. More home like but professional.  The 3 people I met were incredible! I was already loving them & thinking – I want this, when it turns out one of my best friends is the brother of one of the people interviewing! Too funny.

Not positive I will get the position, but it felt great.  Like a few friends getting together to talk about work.  Comfortable.  My fingers are crossed.  What’s best will be.

Has to be a good sign that I saw Herbie the Love Bug on the way to the interview right? how bizarre!

how Earth Day fitting! & a good reminder to me.

Afterward I decided to check out a few places & ended up in Home Goods. Which is where I saw the sign above.  Also feel for a few more pieces, but didn’t need them so just the pictures for now at least.  Might have to add one of the bird feeders if I do land a job this week as a celebration!

fancy duster anyone?
love this bird feeder

BUT the really good find was this…

BIG funky tablecloths!

for a cheap price!

So I got 4 for a project I had hoped to do for a while now.

See a few years ago I got a sofa for free.  I LOVE FREE!  But frankly it wasn’t my color, so I tossed on a sheet to “MAKE IT WORK”.  Which was ok since with the birds & everything else it ended up easy to clean.

trust, I know those purples don’t go together….

But it has seen better days!  I have picked out a few I would like to replace it with but I would rather spend the money on the bedroom… plus I need to get the cash flowing positive again before I spend any real cash so have to make do.

I had toyed with the idea of recovering the cushions in the mean time since it was a cheaper option, but I had hoped to find some great fabric & spend a weekend using my sister’s industrial strength sewing machine since mine is  meant for more cotton than heavy duty decorator fabric.

These past couple of weeks have taken their tole on the couch.  Channel surfing will do that I guess. The rips started & that was the last straw for me. TIME FOR CHANGE.

UUUUGLIEST couch to still exist outside a dorm room

So I was thrilled to find the tablecloths.  Why not try something fun & spring like for a temporary fix?

Baxter was really confused why I was screwing up the comfy spot to cuddle

I live solo, so why not enjoy the moment by doing something girly. Go with the pink flowers for a season.  So I covered the cushions with the tablecloths. The fabric is soft but also water resistant….AKA easy to clean bird poop off which is a HUGE push in my house.

cute huh? works much better with those pillows

Gotta admit I am loving it.

& yes STILL working on the chandelier.  I believe I have burned off enough layers of skin to pay for it.  Also next up replace that wall hanging! But that is a whole ‘nother day!

What a piece of Capiz.

So in scanning the DIY projects in other blogs, there was one recently that made me think – I can do that & I want to do that!

Capiz shell chandeliers are LURVELY & a bit out of my budget – especially at the moment.


this one runs $1,375 at Cielo Home

Could be very pretty for the bedroom until I can get my real one up & hooked up.

But a faux one seemed easy to make & exactly in my budget!  I got the circle cutter discounted ($12).  Two boxes of waxed paper (a buck each – $2), substituted a hanging planter for the lampshade frame ($1 – thanks Dollar Store) & the string, beads & glue I had around the house.  So a total of $15 for a new bedroom lamp? I am willing to try!

Course it was after I spent around 2 hours making the fake capiz shells that I discovered I can purchase around 100 REAL ones for about $12.  Oh well live & learn.  I’m adding more personality to it by making them, right?

Being me I couldn’t just leave well enough alone.  I decided to add a bit more flair to it.  So at the end of the bottom row of shells dangling, I am adding a couple of tiny purple beads, a mirrored bead & a couple of pieces of amethyst!

Amethyst is thought to help people bring the divine into even the mundane parts of their life.  Helps to ground & reduce stress, even help with insomnia!

I have several pieces around the house – was told once that as long as you have amethyst in the room you will feel comfortable there.  Having some hanging in the lamp felt right.

We shall see how it all looks & comes together!  Fingers crossed – even if they are a tad sore from the hot glue.

Back to work…. but first a few images that inspire.

Another Bedroom Upstairs

My Office 1

Cute right? Plus a bonus for using the faux “shells” is that you don’t get the tinkling & clinking noises that you do with real shells.  Great for outside or in a spa, but could be annoying at night in the dark when the AC comes on!