so long, farewell 2011

So 2011 is coming to a close & frankly, I can’t say I am going to miss it.

I have to admit it had its moments worth remembering.  Still feels like there were more that I would rather forget.  Said good-bye to a job, my passport & my dear sweet Badyn, Bongo & Bijou.

2011 easily could have been MUCH worse & at times I thought it was going to be.  For that I thank it.  Still… don’t let the door hitcha!  With just a few hours left, I don’t mind reminiscing a little. Especially since I have already watched the final sunset of the night.  No turning back now!

So the final blog of 2011 is here.  I give you a photo from each month that makes me smile and a link back to one post per month.

Starting at the beginning…


Dreamed of a new place to dream


Thankfully I got to spend time with my mom’s brother & sisters all in one place – without a funeral or wedding!

I left my previous job in a leap of faith.


Went to my first LIVE hockey game (Charlotte Checkers) & had a blast

and I was totally torn on what to do with my life work wise.


relaxed & enjoyed my time off as much as I could

Continued with the changes in my life.


Started the month with a new job & even a side job cater waiting! Filling a few new shoes. Began my love affair with PostCrossing!


Got used to life getting back to normal.  Debated cutting a few wishes loose once & for all, but most just have been put on the back burner.


enjoyed life & wrote a post that seems very popular – although I doubt that those who click to it find quite what they were hoping for!


funny enough, I am enjoying life with two jobs! especially with sites like these

recovered from a crazy storm


traveled with my Dad to the mountains & found this amazing spot to fall for

rolled over another year age wise & said good-bye to my first bird.  My dear Bongo.


got surprised with KILLER seats to the Panthers game!

Barris became the youngest lil budgie to ever enter my life!


Seemed I had so much to be thankful for & yet evidently the new romance was not one after all.


Won breakfast for the entire office! Free Chick-fil-a just days before the second annual Nugget Fest!  Which was a high note I needed.  Also said good-bye to Bijou followed by Badyn.

So maybe 2011, wasn’t all that bad.  There was luck, love & laughter mixed in with the good-byes, anxiety & set backs.

Now to start my nice quite dinner at home with the parrots & pug.  Thankfully I don’t have to share my bottle of bubbly with ANYONE or even have to wait til midnight.  Tomorrow begins new dreams, projects & stories to live.


Hoping tonight keeps everyone safe, sane & happy.

Good-bye 2011, you weren’t as crazy as 2010, but I hope that 2012 kicks both your asses! ha ha.  Maybe it will bring that fortune cookie’s message come true!


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