Great Hostess Twinkie Run 2012

Of course the day I post about thinking of getting back into a more structured plan of exercising I end up going running!

Although not quite the way I had intended.

Started out with running errands yesterday.  When I woke I browse through Twitter & saw the news that Hostess had decided to close.  Sad, but honestly I couldn’t remember the last time I actually had anything they made.  When I was younger I loved the fat free Twinkies, but doubt they even made those any more.  The hundred calorie cupcake packs had a place in my world for a while, but again I couldn’t remember the last time I had those either.  Even the breads, Wonder, Merita, Nature’s Pride…. no clue when I had gotten any of them last.  Just wasn’t me anymore.

Yet the child inside got slightly nostalgic and I decided I would pick up a box of something for old times sake since I had to go to the store anyway.

Target was the first stop.

I looked for the traditional box featuring the sponge cake picture with Twinkie the Kid beside, but it was no where to be found.  Just an empty space.

Maybe I wasn’t alone in the idea.  Oh well.  The chocolate filled ones seemed odd to me.  I decided to snag a box of the cup cakes & I just walked on.  As I walked I thought about Twinkie & how it was strange to think it would no longer be an option, even if one I never used.

Turned the corner & to my surprise hanging on the side of one of the end caps was a display with $1 snacks – WITH TWO 2 PACKS OF TWINKIES!

Suddenly the sugar rush hit & I felt like I had won!  I got the last two Twinkie packages in Target!  ha ha…. I win! (what I’m not sure?… diabetes?)  I boastfully posted my achievement on Facebook eager to share my joy.  A friend commented on the post that people were selling them like hot cakes on ebay (you knew this was going to be FILLED with puns right?)  I hadn’t had a clue but after a quick check on ebay I realized how hilarious this really was.

Seriously? there are people out there who love them so much that they are paying THOSE amounts!? Suddenly I started thinking about selling my last two packs.  Or maybe sell one, eat one?

Then it hit me… I wasn’t the only one who ate those Twinkies.

So I called my Dad.  Thought I have four & if they really are such a rare commodity, it could be fun for us all to eat our “LAST TWINKIE EVER” together.  He declined.  He has been great watching everything he eats lately after a recent scare at the doctor.  He is checking his blood sugar a couple times a day in order to get a better idea of what is going on & in hopes to avoid anything serious.  So a twinkie? nah not really in his diet plan anymore.   Mom never ate them so she was a no go.

Maybe I would be selling one of the packs after all.

Texted my sister & brother-in-law.  She was like mom, uh no way.  But in my bro-in-law… I had found a Twinkie fan who like me hadn’t had one in over a decade!  (Guessing this is more the reasoning behind the shut down than any union strikes.)  So it was decided.  One had his name on it.

A trip to the grocery store (already planned for other things) proved to me again the scarcity of the local Twinkies.  All I found was another wiped out shelf.

Joked with a couple of friends about the end of the world coming & had a few laughs.  Really sad to see so many jobs lost & the end of something so iconic, but honestly none of us has eaten one in a LONG time.  Just wasn’t even something we though about.

Friday night date night wasn’t very thought out beyond going somewhere for dinner, but things took a turn for the strange after discussing the Twinkie shortage.  I’m a big fan of scavenger hunts & random acts of funny.  Suddenly it became a great idea to rush to every grocery store we saw to see IF there were Twinkies left.

Time after time, the same results…… wiped out shelves & the leftover lesser known Hostess products like mini-muffins, zingers, cinnamon rolls, etc.

I got into the excitement of it all & as silly as it sounds, there was hilarity in seeing the last box being checked out right in front of us by an older lady.  If only we had been a few moments sooner, it COULD have been ours!  Racing to find the location since there didn’t seem to be much consistency even between stores of the same chain.

Only once out of the 9 places were we actually able to find Twinkies.  Regular yellow sponge, normal cream filled Twinkies.  Technically I got to the display first.  I looked & thought nope.  None there either.  Hidden on the bottom shelf, in the very back corner was ONE BOX.  The last box.  Just beyond my gaze & now my grasp.  So close!

I may not have gotten the last box of Twinkies, but I did enjoy the ridiculous race that will never happen again.  For some reason it just doesn’t seem like something that will ever happen again.  Memory made.

I can look back on this point in history & say I was one of those nutty people who dashed around trying to scoop up Twinkies.


Just because I could.  Having random fun in life is what it is all about right?

Also decided that I would see if the ebay buzz is all it has been hyped up to be.  With a twist.  IF the ones I list sell, I will donate a part of the money to the local Food Bank.  Just seems like the appropriate thing to do.


Sweet Surrender

holy canoli that was yummy

Night hasn’t been a total loss today, mood has been defunked.

All it took was giving myself a good time out (AKA meditation) & meeting up with a friend for dinner at a favorite italian place.  Buffalo Chicken pizza may be a new favorite thing! So good…. & the heat of the sauce was just enough to make my lips tingle yet not so  unbearable hot that it made you sweat. Bonus the hot guy was working again, so we had eye candy to go along with the waitress who is hilarious.  Get her every time & she has attitude to spare since she knows we can take it & give it back too! I stopped at one slice & although I certainly wasn’t hungry, I ended up having a canoli!  Gotta enjoy life.

Then I was smart & went grocery shopping while I was full.  Got out just at $25 & stocked up on lots of fruits & veggies….& coffee creamer, which was the most important thing right?

Feels like Sunday.  I have no concept of the days after last night.  Feel slightly bad I am not going out with another friend (to yet another gay bar) who called, but this girl is beat & doesn’t need to spend any extra money any more this weekend.  Might have to just hibernate til Tuesday when I have my interview to volunteer & a night class on Time Management.  (sounds like its going to be appropriate since time is slipping by!)

So tonight I’m huddled down already in some PJs thinking tomorrow I may not even come out of them. Just relax the day at home.

Course if I did have money to blow I can certainly think of a few things I would love to be doing tonight…  like shopping!

tip toe

tip toe by AliMoonGoddess on

BUT since I am out of cash for the week (& then some thanks to the new camera), there will be no shopping.

Without the new camera, I have done ok.  As of the end of Saturday night, I am down to $39.41!  But I know I have gotten lucky this week & things will get tighter.  I am still using up food & gift certificates I have had, so this is making it a bit easier.  Plus I have just gotten lucky with people’s generosity.  I’m grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

How sweet it is

My day has been pretty darn sweet I have to say.

Started with early morning catching up with a friend and her snuggle bug of a dog, Sugar, over coffee & a couple of delicious breakfast sandwiches.

just as sweet as he can possibly be! (Great pic from my friend too!)

Then it was off to get cracking on some work.. but I took a detour.  My mind thought:  “I’m off.  I’m near the beach.  Why not?”

To which the world promptly replied: “Because its chilly as all get out & the winds are blowing strong enough to take your tush to Oz!”

So back in the car & back in search of distracting adventure.  No real event.  I did end up enjoying some sushi but afterward I managed to convince myself that I really did need to work & nothing would be more gratifying that getting more done & off the to-do list.

Applied for a couple more places, got a call back about a volunteer position that I am really excited about & a call from my mom about some lady on PBS making castles out of toilet paper rolls, old boxes, paint & glitter!  Course it was while I was applying online & only a couple of pages into the questionnaire did I realize I was thinking the ratings were one way & it was actually the other way! Oops.. so I went back & corrected it all.  No I don’t actually think my coworkers see me as NEVER able to complete tasks… So no more interruptions.  Finished up & saw it was time to take a break.

Visited with a couple of friends up the street & learned WAY more than I think I want to know about why the local police have been stationed in the neighborhood so much lately & why that helicopter was shining its light down the other night just step away from my door!  Guess I find some comfort that they are here looking out for us & hoping that they get this guy ASAP!  What wasn’t so comforting was the reply from one neighbor when it was mentioned that we had been snooping online looking at the local mugshots to see what was going on.  The neighbor replied: “OH did you see mine?” like it was some magazine spread for a beauty line! Jeez oh pete! Thankfully that was not the neighbor I was visiting & have pretty much known this person isn’t quite right so I tend to keep a safe distance.  Again though… where am I living?!?!?

Couple more completed applications & it was on to more fun.

The Cape Fear Tweet Up!  Once a month a group of local people who are addicted to have fun using Twitter, meet face to face to hang out.  I have been lucky enough to make a couple & its always so interesting to see who people are offline.  It was great! Conversations flowed smoothly & beyond 140 characters, there was beer & wine, incredible free sweet treats to nosh on & even some healthier fare…. heck it was IN a local RECORD shop, so there was even awesome music & atmosphere.  SWEET!

The cakes & cookies were baked from a new local bakery in an old favorite bookstore downtown……….the bakery name? SUGAR on Front St!

A place I have been meaning to check out, but just haven’t taken the time.  Now I am going to probably crave that carrot cake!

So I can honestly say I have had a day that started & ended with SUGAR!

How sweet it is.

& I have this song STUCK in my head at the moment so I figured I would share:

Chocolate Cresent Rolls?

Last night I did the mad after work dash around to get the Thanksgiving stuff & pack up myself, a pug & 4 birds for the annual trip to my parents.  While in at work I decided it was also going to be a day of baking!  Funny how a slow day at work can lead to such grand ideas.

I decided after a discussion on chocolate croissants & the seemingly lack of anywhere to locate one in the local area, that I would make some to share at work.

Also decided that I would surprise my family by baking some blondies up to bring.


Got all the ingredients… sort of.

The blondie attempt has been put on hold due to lack of a mixer.  After rereading the recipe & seeing it say to “beat until fluffy” & realizing that was about how I felt after the long day… there was no way I was going to attempt it by hand.  So into a box all the ingredients went so that I can borrow my mom’s mixer while I am there.  Still will share, but now I also will be creating more dishes there to clean! Oops.

The chocolate croissants, well try chocolate cresent rolls.  I couldn’t find a croissant mix or dough to actually make the rolls with.  Closest I could do was the refridgerated canned stuff.  While the guys at work thought they were great… they are NOT the pastry I was longing for.

Now that light flaky fluffy pastry is what I am longing for…. Just need to actually make the pastry dough or find something more like it.

This is just not the same…

However to share in case anyone wants to try it.  The recipe is the same as on the tube.  Only change is that you slip in some chocolate before rolling the triangle up.  I cut the miniture chocolate bars leftover from Halloween in half lengthwise & used those, but I am sure that chips would work as well. 

Wondering how a dab of nutella would work?

ok I caved into the Pie-mania

Yes. Those ingredients are for pie.  All the talking of pie reminded me of one of my favorites that I haven’t had in years, Egg Custard Pie.

Start by combining 2 Tbsp butter, 1/2 tsp salt & 1 1/2 cups sugar.

Add in four eggs to the sugar mixture.

Then add 2 cups milk.  But I suggest doing so in a bigger bowl than I did because otherwise mixing all this together gets very tricky, or messy.  Thankfully I didn’t make a mess but I regretted not going for a bigger bowl!  Add in 1 tsp vanilla (or a bit more if you are like me).

Next pour into 2 deep dish pie shells that have been poked a few times with a fork.  I don’t actually know why, but I was taught to do that so I do.

Then you want to dash on ground nutmeg.  Some just sprinkle a little.  I sprinkle a lot.

Finally bake in a 425 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

They will still be jiggly when you pull them out of the oven.  Let them sit to cool for a while.

One reason I adore this pie (& the only reason I talked myself into making it) is that its even better after sitting in the fridge all night.  I would store it in the fridge.  Since its EGG custard & eggs are notorious for being breakfast food, I plan on having this for breakfast for the next couple of days.

Dinner ended up being simple again.

Macaroni & Cheese Soup

I saw a friend from high school talking about having macaroni & cheese soup one day & I had to ask what she was talking about.  Thankfully she was sweet enough to give me the recipe.

One box of the blue box mac & cheese.  Prepared just as the directions say.

Then add in 1 can of cream of chicken soup & 1 can of milk.

Add in chicken broth to get it to the desired consistency.

I added a side of grilled cheese to my bowl of Macaroni & Cheese soup.  With finally getting over a cold, I seem to be overly excited about adding cheese back into my diet!

This soup strikes me as a great base for a variety of different ideas.  Maybe adding some jalapeno slices, can of veggies, or frozen broccoli & cauliflower!  When I thanked my friend & mentioned I made it, she told me she has since added bacon pieces to the soup & loved it.  I’m not a bacon girl, but I imagine a lot of people would love that version.


I however will be enjoying a slice of pie.

Supper. Simply.

Somethings just seem to come with the changing of season or the coming of holidays.  After Halloween / Samhain (repeat AFTER) has past, its time to start the holiday choas.  It starts with Veterans Day, which many forget completely, & seems to go non-stop right up to Valentine’s Day!  One thing that I tend to associate with this time of year is pie.

In November I am far from alone.  Some can’t imagine a holiday meal without the pecan or pumpkin pies.  Others go for chocolate or apple.  Either way with the bikinis tucked away for most of the country the indulgent season begins.  A slice is comforting.

One site I am watching lately is’s Pie Countdown! The pictures & descriptions make my mouth water with a new temptation daily.  I wish I had the time to make each & every one.  Then again I can’t imagine what I would do with a new pie each day.  I long for someone else to make them & let me try a slice!

I love the idea of pie… just not the abundance.

Which leads me to doing things like buying pumpkin pie flavored lip gloss, scented candles & even a fragrance to wear that smells like pumpkin pie!  Something I ordered my 2nd bottle of last week & it arrived today…

Along with a few others! ONE WAS EVEN A SURPRISE FREEBIE!  I adore Demeter Fragrances.  I miss being able to go to Ulta & other places & just spend a while smelling the various different scents.  I can still find popular ones, but it doesn’t seem like anywhere here has the library.  So I ordered a few online from them directly.  The Frozen Margarita one was a total surprise! I love the way they smell so close to the actual items.  Well the best parts of them anyway!  I never had a margarita that smelled that good.

But alas on to dinner….  something quick & simple.

A trusty favorite – Bell & Evans Coconut Chicken Breast!  Simple & better than any frozen chicken I have ever had in my life.

The directions for cooking always give me a giggle!  I go for the oven baked route, but I’m sure that pan frying is good too.  However no one should be using a microwave for anything this good! Even says so right there on the box.

Also was dying to try the lime pepper seasoning on some fresh asparagus! No disappointments there! Again simple as can be.  Just snapped off the woody ends off the asparagus, sprayed a little oil on the stalks & sprinkled the seasoning on.  The tossed them into the oven to bake along side the chicken tenders.

While they were roasting, I decided all this talk of pie had me craving something sweet & warm.  Also something that wouldn’t be around to haunt me for days & days…

So thanks to an apple, a bit of butter & some instant maple & brown sugar oatmeal – I ended up with something delish!  Simply sliced the apple thinly & layered the slices in a dish.  Topped the slices with the dry oatmeal mix (be sure that its mixed up – you know how the sugar tends to wander to the top of the packet at times….) then dab on a few slices of butter.  Next it was tossed into the party happening in the oven to bake away beside the asparagus & the chicken.

Oh my! Looks like a couple of mozzarella sticks got in there too.  Ooops. {guilty grin} This was a quick & VERY easy way to end the day in a healthy & delish way.

Without any pie!