2015 List of Things to Do

Focus on Your Dream

  1. Read 50 (or more) books
  2. Complete 5 full 5ks in the year
  3. Attend a Panthers game (or more than one preferably but at least one)
  4. Have my bank account receipt show a comma more often than not
  5. Try Aerial Silks
  6. Attend a yoga class
  7. Walt Disney World trip
  8. Finish both Santa quilts that Mom started
  9. Leave positive quotes in public places on post-its (not books)
  10. Do the 2015 Scott Kelby Photowalk
  11. Make a jewelry holder from an old frame
  12. Visit a zoo
  13. Make a meal from purchases made that day at a Farmers Market
  14. Camp out
  15. Finish writing a book
  16. Pet a llama
  17. Visit an art museum
  18. Visit a winery
  19. Get a book signed by the author
  20. Walk a labyrinth
  21. See sunrise on a beach
  22. Glue a quarter to the ground & watch people try to pick it up (WHY haven’t I done this yet?)
  23. Run thru a sprinkler
  24. Make ice cream
  25. STAR WARS marathon ( always good to do every so often )
  26. Clean out my closet
  27. Organize clothes by color in closet
  28. Sport a henna tattoo
  29. Finish recovering dining chairs
  30. Go 3 days without spending any money
  31. Bake dog treats
  32. Make an ABC book for nephew from pictures I made
  33. Build a sandcastle
  34. Learn to braid own hair (& not have it look like a bird nest)
  35. Tour Oakdale cemetery
  36. Volunteer with a pet rescue
  37. Volunteer with an organization that I have never volunteered before
  38. Obtain my goal weight
  39. Toss 100 Things in 2 Days
  40. Enjoy a bonfire
  41. Find an old recipe from Mom’s or Grandma’s stash & make it
  42. Make a Vision board
  43. Watch all episodes of a show within two days
  44. Check out a new beach
  45. Renew my account info with local library (aka I have lost my card & haven’t been there in years)
  46. Attend lecture/guest speaker event
  47. Attend a book signing
  48. Visit Airlie Gardens and relax for the afternoon (read under a tree)
  49. Visit Arboretum
  50. Leave notes in books for strangers to find
  51. Learn to belly dance
  52. Attend a small town festival
  53. Plant flowers
  54. Eyebomb
  55. Run in the rain
  56. Attend a religious service for a religion not my own
  57. Swing in a hammock
  58. Get picture taken with at least one Disney character
  59. Eat a Dole Whip
  60. Volunteer at Give Kids the World
  61. Attend Chip and Dale Campfire Sing-Along & roast a marshmellow
  62. Leave a positive note on someone’s car
  63. Bake a pound cake to share
  64. Explore a new park
  65. Take a picture of the same spot every month
  66. Have a picnic
  67. Send a thank you card to someone from past
  68. Prepare my will & funeral plans (just don’t use them)
  69. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  70. Eat from a food truck
  71. Read a Book while it is on the NY Best Sellers List
  72. Win something
  73. Make an origami animal
  74. Have a pillow fight
  75. Send an unusually shaped postcard
  76. Recreate a childhood photo
  77. Wear a costume
  78. Upcycle a tee shirt
  79. Canoe
  80. Get a new favorite coffee mug
  81. Be woken up with a kiss
  82. Bake a loaf of bread
  83. Step foot on the Appalachian Trail & walk
  84. Pull a memorable prank
  85. Get hugged by a kid just because (not my nephew… he always hugs me & it’s the best!)
  86. Make a snow globe
  87. Meet a friend from the internet that I have never met in person
  88. Go to a live comedy show
  89. Donate 10 old books to a free book box, mini-library, etc.
  90. Finish tarot journal
  91. Be vegetarian for a week
  92. Make jam
  93. Re-purpose an antique into something beautiful & useful
  94. Actually find something geocaching
  95. Make candles
  96. Decoupage something
  97. Go horseback riding
  98. Be able to do splits again
  99. Take a barre or ballet class
  100. Turn my back yard into a place I can enjoy again

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