sleep? on a weekend? nah

I have no desire what so ever to sleep tonight.  Full moon? maybe.  Insomnia in full effect? yep.  Trying not to get into a Ambien a night habit & seems silly to take them when I don’t HAVE to work the next day.

Still this city can be pretty boring for a single gal not interested in partying down.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the night life… just not feeling like drinking tonight or being around a bar scene.

Feel like dreaming.  Only I guess without the sleep part?

Shopping would be great…. well window shopping.  Other than groceries I don’t need to spend any extra cash.  So grocery shopping it was tonight.  That & a bit of wishful thinking at the book store.  Could have done some damage there but I just looked tonight.

Thought about going to see a movie, but a certain wizard has the place packed.  Pass. For the moment at least.

Checked out one of the most beautiful moon rises from several places at various stages.  Cursed myself for not bringing out my camera & tripod.  There are just some scenes that are perfection on the moment.  No photo could catch that stunning sight.  Certainly not the one on the good ole blackberry!

Dreamed a bit about new places to live.  Considering a few new areas.  May take a ride out to see the places tomorrow depending how the day goes.

One thing I never had to think about was what to eat.

I’ve been nibbling all night on the best stuff!

mmm. tuna tar tar over seaweed salad in a cucumber cup

Leftovers from the event that I was lucky enough to get to help serve at.


Sure the food was, but also I worked for free tonight

This is gift number 2 in this round of my 29 Gifts challenge.  A while back I was contacted to see if I was available for the event & since it was for Hospice we had the option of donating our time or a portion of it if we chose to.  Seemed a no brainer to me.  While the money would be great, what better people to support than an organization that I know we will be working with at some point in the future who are doing such great things?

I honestly have no idea how on earth these people do what they do but they do it everyday.  There was a book celebrating the 30 years of caring for people at the end of their lives locally.  As much as I wanted to read the stories and see the people, I had to keep strong and share the smile tonight.

Didn’t hurt that the place is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of this town.  The gardens are STUNNING.  So serene.  Seems like so many places to just enjoy a moment in nature.  Even with several people there, there are plenty of places to feel like you are the only one there.  Plus its my favorite walking labyrinth.  Always see something new or feel some inspiration there.


Sword Of Damocles & 29 Gifts again

Saturday…. I needed a saturday so badly this week.  One with no real agenda this morning.  No driving out of town or rushing off to do whatever.  Just some me time.

Ok I’m on call for work so can’t exactly be too tied up this morning but so far so good.  Just one wrong number and everyone showing up where they should when they should. 🙂  Life is good when things work out.

Might have woke up at 6 am anyway, but I can take waking up scratching mosquito bites on my feet that remind me of a great night over a crisis call anytime!  Besides I got to sleep another 4 hours afterwards.

That full moon lit mosquito invasion night actually got me thinking (…I know I do that often…)  but thinking of history & the goals we set in our lives.  I love a good philosophical discussion over a couple bottle of wine. Incredible how we sometimes find more about who we are in a discussion with a friend than we can find in hours of looking into a mirror.

At times I think a mind is a billion times sexier than the best of bodies.  Doesn’t hurt when it comes in the same package, but that’s a side thought.

Looking back at my love life history, it does show a pattern.  I date guys I am attracted to.  Some work out for a while but nothing serious.  No real zing.  The ones that were the “great” relationships with meaning – no matter the ending – have something in common.  The mental ability to challenge.

Dorm room duo

The first we grew a lot in college together and fought the world side by side learning how to get by.  Only when we started in different directions that the issues became insurmountable.  Still wish him nothing but the best & although we are two entirely different people now, I am grateful for the shared experience and all that I learned.

Opposites Attract then Repel

The second biggie also challenged my thoughts.  Looking back I wonder how we ever even opened up enough to be a couple.  We were in so many ways polar opposites living parallel lives.  Still I liked the insight.   We consistently challenged and brought in new ideas.  When it came down to it, it didn’t end well but it was what it was.  I gained a bigger sense of self.  I now know when it comes to it, I am willing to stand up for my own beliefs rather than surrender them.

So onward.    …& why haven’t I seen the connections before?

And better question: How to I look for that mental Zing that won’t fade away.  I want to be challenged yet how long can we possibly expect that to last?  The common outlook seems to bore me yet is that what is sustainable?  Or will there be one who will be able to share the passion of learning and thinking yet able to find common ground on those most important decisions in life?

I’m looking for Vin Diesel body & voice when I should be searching for a modern day Plato.

Or who knows.  Maybe I am destined to live my life on my own two feet in a constant state of inquiry.  Finding new ways to challenge my own thoughts while sharing a few moments with the creatures Dr Frankenfurter brings to life…

Oh Rocky!

“Judge no one happy until his life is over”

Here is hoping that I still have much more time before that Sword of Damocles dangles over my own head.


ALSO:  Decided it was high time that I did the 29 Gifts Challenge again!

Day one down yesterday.  Share something with a friend.  While I’m going to be doing the 29 Gifts challenge again & going to be accountable by checking in, I’m not sure that I will list each gift.

I want to inspire positive action and giving not promote my own.

…although I still say even Budda valued himself enough to see the worth in his own story.  We should all be proud enough of who we are to honor it & find joy in our paths to bliss.

Join me?

Homes – Habitat for Humanity

Only in the darkness can you see the stars. ~Martin Luther King Jr.

As much thought as I have been putting into my own house & life, I wanted to take a moment to be grateful for what I have.  I am extremely lucky to have a place to call home.  I may loath it at times, but it keeps me dry & gives me a place to be me.

So many people are still longing & working towards having a place of their own.

This morning on the way to work (yes I had to work today rather than volunteering in honor of Martin Luther King), I passed by a man who was just getting started for the day.  His sleeping bag was still laying in the grass next to the busy road & he was standing up to stretch.  Part of me want to call the cops to make sure he stopped sleeping there,  found a shelter or just moved on…. but then a voice inside said “Why? Who is he bothering? I’m sure he would love to sleep somewhere else, but this may be the safest place he has.”  Then I wanted to cry.  Most, including myself, have never slept a night outside apart from camping.  We have a place to retreat from the elements & feel secure. 

Course I imagine his view as he falls asleep is magestic! All the stars in the sky along with the moon are his nightlight.

Its a beautiful thing that most people know exactly what you mean when you say the words “Habitat for Humanity”.

The international non-profit group began helping people build affordable houses in 1976. Since then their volunteers have helped them build over 350,000 houses around the world!

In high school a group I was in spent a day working laying brick for the foundation for a house.  Never in my life would I have thought that a group of high schoolers like myself would be able to build the foundation.  But we did!  There was one guy who knew what he was doing & he directed us.  We carried so many bricks that day we were sore for a while afterward, but it was so heart warming knowing that we helped.  Also gave us all a sense of confidence in that we could do things we never thought we could.  We watched that piece of dirt develop into a shape that would become a home.  I will never forget that experience.

If you live in the Cape Fear area, our local Habitat for Humanity is always in need of a few extra hands to help.  If you don’t live here,(… well I am sorry, have you seen how beautiful this place is???) check how you can get involved in your area

Also don’t forget that even if you don’t have the energy or time to help with projects, you can still support them by visiting their store to donate or shop:


Wilmington Cape Fear Habitat For Humanity ReStore

1208 S 3rd St Wilmington, NC 28401-6108

Phone: (910) 762-4793


New Year – New Goal

Its official we have made it into…

Hoping everyone finds 2011 to be the best year you have ever had & more joy than your heart can contain.  My wish is that everyone feel loved & spread kindness as often as possible.  (A great place to start is with the 29 Gifts challenge!)

I am refusing to make resolutions this year, but I am setting a few goals.

One being to try more new recipes!

This goal is going to be one that I hope you join me in…even if only vicariously through reading the blogs about my experiences.

Going to begin by choosing a cookbook a month to test a few recipes from.



Cookbook: The Working Cook: Fast and Fresh Meals for Busy People by Tara Duggan

This book caught my eye with its focus on fresh & speedy meals that don’t require a degree from a cooking school.  She has compiled recipes that take 20 to 40 minutes to prepare – or so she says… I will be testing that one!

Looking forward to getting back on a normal routine & back in my own kitchen.  When I do, I will certainly share with you the 1st recipe I try from this cook book.

CHEERS & Happy New Years!

Oh & how did I ring in the new year last night?

With the best date a gal can have….

He adores me more than any man I know.

Why settle for a date with a could be when you can enjoy the night with family & friends? So I opted to spend the night at my sisters.  Thankfully Baxter got to enjoy mingling & a few tasty tidbit that made it to the floor.

Wish You Were Here

Is it me or does the time go faster as it gets closer to something big?

The phrase slow as christmas no longer works for me. Time is flying! I feel like there is barely the same hours this week as there are in a normal week.

I made fettuccine alfredo from a jar on Monday & have yet to make anything else.  Single gals have loads of leftovers sometimes!  Also feel like I have barely spent anytime at home. With less daylight, more sleep & rushing around to shop, errands for work & a loooong vet appointment, I need more hours in a day!

Sadly I left the fridge door open a crack last night.  It was enough to where when I checked the food this morning everything was luke warm.  Even more sad, when I went through it to throw out anything that could have gone bad, it all fit into one grocery bag! Mostly cheese & coffee creamer.  No I have evidently not been cooking lately.

Thankfully I have a work party/dinner tonight so I get a free meal!


Wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 1st give away (of what I hope to be many).

Also Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog.

(Just in case you are interested – the Thank You pictured is from Beach House Living on Etsy!

29 Gifts & one for you…

Remember when I mentioned the 29 Gifts Challenge, where you take 29 days & give something at least once per day – be it a gift or a smile?

Well I have completed the challenge.

Surprise to me, I never skipped a day or had to start over!

What I hadn’t planned on was that the 29th day would fall on THE DAY of the attack last year.  The very thing that openned me up to finding the 29 Gifts.  It was the sad state I found myself in that made me need to reach out & find the good in people & life.  The helplessness I felt afterward that made me feel I needed to prove I could make a difference – for the good. 

I have to invite you again to commit to your own 29 days of giving if you haven’t already.  If you need inspiration there is a TON of it over on the 29 Gifts site.  Also feel free to read about my adventure.

While that is a true gift to yourself, that isn’t the only gift being given here.  I am celebrating & sharing the joy with you!

I am opening up a contest.  To win an iTunes gift card for $15.  That is a whole lot of music to cook to! Or maybe a book to listen to you are just too busy to read. You get to decide since its YOURS!

You have three ways to enter!

1- Post below as a comment your favorite act of kindness that you have experienced.  Can be something you did, had happen to you or witnessed.

2- Second entry, post a spice blend or seasoning mix you adore.  What rocks your plate?  Something you cook with or add on after the fact.  Just tell me what it is.

3- On Twitter post this post “Share your favorite spices & win an iTunes Gift Card at Ali is looking to spice up her life! @AliMoonGoddess”.  While you are there, feel free to follow me on Twitter!

You have until midnight (eastern time) Friday, December 17 to enter.

Winner will be chosen at random.


Can’t wait to see the ideas!


29 Gifts

So this is another non-recipe post.  Hoping you will understand.  Food & Cooking is just a part of life.  The great part.

However there are some not so great parts in everyone’s lives & lately a few big ones have hit me hard all at once.

I won’t go on about it (trust I need to think less), but in finding that somethings you just can not change & can not justify or find good in, I need to focus on a few things I can improve.

Last year when I found myself in a situation I would rather no one ever be in, I needed a reality check. Something to remind me the world is a good place.  Enter the 29 Gifts.

Concept is simple.  When you feel you have nothing to give, give. You always have something to share… if only a smile.

Can’t skip a day. Then you have to start over. 29 Days of 29 Gifts. Changing the world one good thing at a time. The 29 Gifts book or website will give more information & the website has a whole community full of support & ideas.

It improved my outlook greatly.  So here I go again…

Day One:

This one is very dear to my heart – a transfer for Phoenix Landing. A lovable lil cockatiel came to us needing a new home & so far we have found him…THREE.  The 1st went well, but then he lost his home.  The 2nd foster ended up not really clicking with him personality wise.  They wanted a more cuddly bird.  This one needs to learn to trust & relearn to step up. The 3rd home I hope is going to be just right.  So far so good.  Felt great to take him to the new home & see the excitement the new family had for welcoming him.

After that I felt great.  Something I haven’t felt in a while. So I went shopping to try to help the kitchen organization situation. Along the way I stumbled into a toy department & maybe it was the bell ringing along side the red kettle that made me do it, but I switched into Holiday Mode!  I ended up picking up a couple of toys that were on sale cheap for Toys for Tots! Felt fantastic & I admit I had fun like a kid picking out toys I would never play with.

Thankfully I also got lucky finding a shelf on clearance that works on my bar area to store some of the kitchen stuff!

Can’t wait to get everything all together & fix something tomorrow.  Maybe I can change this attitude & find the hope again.


So who’s with me? Is it time to start your own 29 Gifts challenge? What do you have to give? Any suggestions on ways to give to others?

Join me.