2014 List


Things to Do

1) Camp out

2) Get a massage

3) Sell a picture that I took

4) Finish writing  a book

5)  Attend a Kentucky Derby party

6) Complete a 5k

7) Climb a light house

8) Visit an art museum

9) Give tarot card reading to someone other than myself

10) Visit a winery

11) Visit farmers’ market and make lunch with purchases

12) Star Wars marathon

13) Leave positive quotes in public places on post-its (not books)

14) Make a Tarot journal

15) Buy & keep alive 5 new houseplants

16) Visit a zoo

17) Go 24 hours without complaining (not even once)

18) Volunteer with nonprofit

19) Win a contest

20) Attend lecture/guest speaker event

21) Attend a book signing

22) See a play

23) Comfortably ride a bike without falling

24) Visit Cherokee reservation

25) Impromptu day trip

26) Find a shark’s tooth

27) Buy myself a special ring

28) Eat something I have grown

29) Watch sunrise on the beach

30) Watch sunset on the beach

31) Get a physical

32) Explore a new park

33) Try a DIY project from Pinterest

34) Attend Panthers training camp

35) Glue quarter to the ground in public & watch

36) Perfect braiding my own hair

37) Recover dining chairs

38) Clean out closet & organize by color

39) Walk a labyrinth

40) Make a bet

41) Color an entire coloring book

42) Participate in a rally

43) Be comfortable in a bathing suit in public

44) See stand up comedy live

45) Try a new (to me) drink

46) Ace a test

47) Swim in a pool

48) Attend a Red Tent event

49) Read a book on the Law of Attraction

50) Visit beach every day for 7 days straight

51) Make ice cream

52) Babysit for free so parents can just enjoy time together

53) Photograph wild horses on Shackleford Island

54) Sport a henna tattoo

55) Find dream house

56) Go for a boat ride

57) Walk 20,000 steps in one day

58) Send random card to a stranger’s address

59) Send goofy fan letter to a celebrity

60) Create an ABC book from photos I have taken for my nephew

61) People watch with a friend(s) and score with numbers Olympic style something basic like paying a parking meter or crossing street (This seems more negative than  intended.) Give free hugs.

62) Go geocaching

63) Collect a jar full of seashells

64) Bake dog treats

65) Write a bizarre Craigslist add & get a response

66) Attend a concert downtown

67) Attend summer concert at Mayfaire

68) Identify & organize all crystals

69) Visit arboretum

70) Visit Airlie Gardens and relax for the afternoon (read under a tree)

71) Check out a new beach I haven’t been to before

72) Learn to belly dance

73) Make a vision board

74) Leave notes in books for strangers to find

75) Eat a snow cone – CHANGING this to find a cool treat that is diabetic friendly to enjoy this summer

76) Have sea monkeys – more I read the less fun these seem. Changing to Complete a 30-Day Fitness Challenge

77) Leave smiley rocks in public location

78) Enjoy the full moon on the beach

79) Finish an entire bottle of nail polish

80) Play in a sprinkler

81) Spend time looking at clouds & find 5 shaped like something

82) Make a summer soundtrack

83) Spend time blowing bubbles in public for no real reason

84) Feed birds in a park

85) Watch a movie in the theater

86) Sew something

87) Glitterize something

88) Build a sandcastle

89) Try a new restaurant in town

90) Learn new makeup techniques

92) Bake a cobbler with fresh summer fruit

93) Go 3 days without spending ANY money

94) Throw out 100 Things in 2 days

95)  Purge & organize few remaining plastic containers in kitchen (no more lids without bottoms, vice versa)

96)  Tour Oakdale Cemetery

97)  Find a horseshoe & hang it for luck

98)  Take care of a bonsai tree

99)  Attend a small town festival



5 thoughts on “2014 List

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