100 Days til Disney – Building Habits

Today I woke to the knowledge that in 100 Days I will be at WALT DISNEY WORLD!



Bit of a Disney geek…. just a tad! Actually it runs in the family because not long after waking my sister called & was just as excited. She is trying not to drive her husband nuts with the countdown, but we both have apps on our phones reminding us. She has a visual countdown with an idea she got from Pinterest to help lil wee nephew countdown with us (even though he hasn’t a clue where he is going).  At 70 days, his countdown will start! So exciting.

We were loving some Rafiki time! Those smiles!

We were loving some Rafiki time! Those smiles!

Mine however is going to be a bit more productive. I hope.

While I count down the days, I plan on building up some good habits.

It’s been done before in various ways. John “the Penguin” Bingham does 100 Days at the being of each year for people to start each year off right with 100 straight days of 30 minutes or more of exercise. One of my favorite blogs (seriously it is funny & beautifully done) Going Reno even declares that her 100 Day Experiment saved her life!

Most people would get a calender and start marking off the days. In the past I have found a picture with 100 bubbles to color in one day at a time. Even have seen where people get a 100 piece puzzle & add one piece for each day they complete the tasks. (Who has room to do that? or the patience?) Others use chalkboards or move beads from one jar to another. Me? I need some Mickey!

100 Day Countdown to Disney

At the end of each day where I complete the tasks, I will color in a Mickey.

So what am I doing for the next 100 days other than getting giddy with anticipation?

Going to go big & develop two habits.

Normally I would say focus on one, but both are things I do regularly just not as regularly as I would like.

  • WRITE – everyday. every single day. I do this sporadically but the reality is I need to write daily. Even if just for a few minutes. I MUST write at minimum 2 sentences per day for the next 100 days.
  • MOVE – I exercise a lot more than I used to but I can always do more. So everyday. At least one mile or 30 minutes per day of intentional physical activity. No rest days, but certainly understand their value and will rest groups of muscles regularly to avoid injury.


That’s the plan. For the next 100 Days, starting today I will be moving (& burning off the Disney excitement energy) & writing (new Disney travel prep book in works?).

Let’s do this!


Day 12. Resolve or Dissolve

Wondering how long the average resolutions are kept.

Some are broken in hours.  Others days, weeks… but there have to be some that actually become new habits.  Change from resolutions to just everyday life.  There are things left behind without ever realizing we did.  Others come into our lives and stick.  No one says this will be the final page I color, but there is that final piece.  Would we stay a bit more in the lines if we knew? or go all out in reckless abandon filling the sheet on our own terms?  Subconsciously or with thought, we change.

Whether we want to or not.

Week Two check in…

General goalsfor the coming year & next few months…

  • Purge 100 things from my world within the first 2 days of 2012
  • 100 Days challenge – 100 days straight of intentional moving 30 minutes each day – more on that in a second….
  • 10 on 10 – give $10 to a non-profit each month on the 10th – gave to the Cape Fear Literacy Council
  • Read more! – Finished the first book of the year! 48% into the next one and I am loving it.
  • Budget each month prior to the month & stick with it – so this is where all the cash goes…. crap. I need to make more cash or do better at this.

As for the more traditional resolutions:

  • Try one new thing each week – didn’t think this would be so hard to think of new things! Must think up something quick.
  • Cook something each week – I baked. It came from a mix, but I baked.  Thankfully they were not all for me but I did enjoy a couple – quality control of course.
  • Take one photo I love each week – last week, well nothing.  I took pictures. But do I love them? eh. Maybe a couple.  This week… a phone pic from this morning melts me!

oh Baxter! So sleepy, yet I dragged him out early to go get his nails trimmed.

  • Continue my love affair with Post Crossing nothing to report on this yet for the week.  Maybe I will mail out another tomorrow.
  • Floss daily – in all honesty. yesterday, I didn’t floss. today, I did.
  • Meditate more – at least weekly – nope. not so far. When did this go from often to never anyway? Why did I stop meditating?
  • Daily food picture –  366 dishes – I seriously need to eat better & this is proof for sure.
  • Spend an hour with someone else outside of work each week – there are a couple of events this weekend I am looking forward to.  I just feel drained after work & a day listening to people complain does not exactly make me feel like being around people.  Thankfully the parrots don’t talk too much.

So back to that 100 Day Challenge.  Did I work out?  Well, my lazy butt is feeling especially tired tonight.  Thought, well I could do an hour tomorrow since its already so late tonight.  Then…

that came on TV.  I’m not even kidding.  That very commercial.  Divine message?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Either way, it was certainly motivation that I needed.  Had to laugh out loud, shake my head & smile.

So up & onto the treadmill.  Thankfully Thursdays are good nights for TV to distract & the parrots each got to take a turn hanging out while I worked out.  Just 30 minutes.  Nothing spectacular or intense, but its done.  One step closer to that Kindle Fire at the end.

No.  I will not quit on day 12.

Just So Very Versatile

I love feedback!  Especially when its not some spam bot.  When it happens to be positive, I love it even more.  Imagine how much it made my day when I got the notice that I had someone post this!

Thank you so much, Madi!  I sincerely appreciate you sharing this.  (Check her out on her blog – My Story Uncensored)

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass this award along to a few recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award

So here goes! Seven things about myself:

  1. Sometimes I don’t eat the healthiest of meals.  Admittedly sometimes the kid inside wins & says why not have chocolate and wine for dinner? ok I had some beef jerky along side the dark M&Ms… don’t hate me. Tomorrow I will eat a real meal at some point. I promise.
  2. Thinking I have almost forgotten what it feels like to be in love.  The relationship type of caring for someone who cares for you back.  Slightly scared that if the opportunity ever came around again, I wouldn’t even recognize it.  Self protection is a blessing and a curse.
  3. I have an obsession with fortune cookies. Adore them completely & even tried to bake my own when I was a kid – didn’t work out so well.  I always seem to get bizarre ones or ones that are dead on.
  4. Already deep into another ebook and loving it! Crazy how wrapped up in a story I can get. Chasing Rainbows by Kathleen Long is killing me.  Shh.. keep it a secret, but I cried within the first chapter & have been torn between bawling & laughing uncontrollably ever since.  Still a bit pissed that its not recognized by Get Glue since I am loving the story & would love to recommend it.  But I guess I just did.
  5. I am not a fan of several “great” romances.  Romeo & Juliet – teens who die & never end up getting together.  Titanic – seriously was not impressed by anything but the boat.  Sinking into the abyss of the frigid ocean is not a happy ending.  The Notebook – hated it.  Its a nightmare.  Love that she never remembers & he has to tell her daily just to have her forget again.  Maybe I am missing something here, but I prefer a love that last.  Tell me a tale where they end up HAPPILY together ever after.
  6. Although I am only 11 days into the 100 Days challenge, I already feel like its going to take forever!  Really glad I vowed to get the Kindle Fire when I complete the 100 days of 30 minutes of exercise straight or I so wouldn’t be doing this.  I know that 11 days is NOT long & 30 minutes isn’t much, but I have gotten really lazy!  Change is coming soon (I hope).  I enjoy it when I do it, but getting moving is like pulling taffy with tweezers sometimes.
  7. Today is my mom’s birthday & although I saw her this weekend, I am missing her like crazy tonight.  Wish I was there to bake her a cake – perhaps give that chocolate pound cake another go?  Just have to hope that this year treats her well & we get to celebrate again next year with her.  Thankfully the doctor’s appointment went well this week & she is getting some time with her siblings right now.  Also I’m stunned at the rate her hair has grown back since chemo!  She has more body in those curls than I expected & no one can believe how soft it is.  Like a lamb.  So.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  Make great wishes & know you are loved.

old picture, but this reminds me of how supportive you were Mom as I healed from the attack. Even when I adopted that pug at a time when I was barely able to care for myself. You let me be free & live life on my own terms. Thank you for giving me my wings & still keeping a warm perch for me to rest on.

Now to pick a couple of blogs to share this fun with! I am a blog addict.   The rules didn’t state how many, but I will go with seven.  A few that I never want to miss are (in no order in particular):

  • Ciao Bella – I swoon at the images & always seem to find something I would love or a place I would love to be or something I want to wear, or eat, or be… you get the idea!  Lots to pin on this one.
  • Gluten Hates Me – I’ve known Marlow for a while & saw how she was before she discovered that Gluten did indeed hate her.  Its such a beautiful thing to see her transition from struggling to accept the diagnosis to it just being a part of life.  She has embraced a piece of her that makes her unique & been kind enough to share & inspire others…. & of course she makes me want to cook more often!  Secret: the blog isn’t all about Gluten free life.  She is one cool chick & juggles married life, double puppy momdom, school & working all while blogging & staying in shape!
  • Positive and Inspirational Quotes – I love this spark of light that shines on in dark times to remind us that life is to be lived to the fullest & loved to the end.
  • Life, or something like it –  From the moment I met her I knew this chick has a way with a camera lens, but now following her blog I can see she has a great perspective on life too.  Even with the lens cap on & power off.  Plus she has these amazing curls I would adore having just for a day!
  • the Crystal Chick – a while back I discovered a podcast that warmed my soul.  Two women discussing topics that I didn’t think anyone else talked much about.  the Psychic Teachers became part of my weekly routine.  Each week the hour brought something new to think about & discover.  It flew by and I wanted to know even more.  Felt like they were people I could be friends with and be open about my real self.  Imagine my shock to hear them talking about the place they lived & mentioning places I knew! They live in the same town I do!  Even better is I have had the honor of sitting for a reading with them both (& a very gifted palm reader) and learned they are just as honest and beautiful in person as they sound like they would be on air.  Her blog is both an extension of the podcast and more.
  • Amuse-bouche – I know its a food reference, but I choose to read that A MUSE -bouche.  Not sure why she hasn’t blogged this year – yet, but I love that she takes a picture of herself every Tuesday & is brave enough to post it.  Also enjoyed hearing about her plan to learn to love working out & according to her Tweets, she truly has embraced the habit!
  • Short Jewish Girl – a friend shared this blog with me & although she is a coast away & lives life a bit differently than I, I adore reading her perspectives!  Seems like a woman I could spend a day laughing at life with.

So there you go.  A very versatile post where I seem to go all over the place!

So grateful for readers who care & for other blogs that inspire.  On a night where I got home & felt less than thrilled with the day, I am now smiling.  Now off to put in my 30 minutes of the day on the treadmill and then its going to be a big snuggle session with the pugster.

Oh what a world this is.

Off to a Good Start

Shopping trip was a partial success!

Nope no sports bar but I did finally find my planner for the year.  Not even close to what I thought I would get, but I think I love it! Even got a book – audio book, but its a book.

So progress…

General goals for the coming year & next few months…

  • Purge 100 things from my world within the first 2 days of 2012 DONE & DONE.  Maybe this is something I should do on the first couple days of every month.
  • 100 Days challenge – 100 days straight of intentional moving 30 minutes each day – two days down, 98 to go! Dusted off the Wii Fit for kicks tonight. That thing has quite the attitude! But it was fun to virtual run thru that weebles village.  No clue why but eh, why not.
  • 10 on 10 – give $10 to a non-profit each month on the 10th
  • Read more! – Off to a good start & enjoying that I found another book by Paulo Coelho deeply discounted last night. Can’t wait to start listening to it. For now, just flipping pages in a few previously started reads. …& blogs.  Lots and lots of blogs.
  • Budget each month prior to the month & stick with it – so far so good.  Actually shocked to realize that pay day is only a couple of days away! I can do this.

As for the more traditional resolutions:

  • Try one new thing each week
  • Cook something each week – Made Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken yesterday & hoping to make it again soon. Very delish! Might do a post on it.
  • Take one photo I love each week
  • Continue my love affair with Post Crossing another 8 postcards sent out today & moved the ones I have received to a box.  Maybe next week the organization & mapping.
  • Floss daily – so far so good. 
  • Meditate more – at least weekly
  • Daily food picture –  366 dishes has some new images & I think this is going really help me look at what I am eating in a whole different light.
  • Spend an hour with someone else outside of work each week

Want to come up with a cool way to track these instead of posting every little detail, but that will come.

Oh & I totally forgot to post a picture of my New Years hat!

Perfect hat huh?  Glitter & PANTHERS colors!!!  Still a bit sad the season is over, but looking forward to next season being a much longer & more exciting one!  Plus I just love this cheap hat!  My parents got it for me last year & it made it through all of 2011 to shine again for 2012.  Still sparkling just as bright.  Maybe it will bring in 2013 & who knows make an appearance at a home game!

Tomorrow its back to work.  The last of the 4 day work weeks for a while.  Completely could get used to this, but with all the added pressure & chaos it really hasn’t felt like I have been working less.  I’m so grateful for this weekend & not trying to rush to Charlotte or cram a bunch of plans with friends into the mix.  Would have had a blast and I’m sure made some treasured memories, but I didn’t even realize how much I needed to just be in my own space for a while.  Nothing like no plans for a few days & no where to be.  Still time to kick this life back to reality.  Starting with a nice whole night’s sleep followed by that alarm bright and early.  Got the coffee cup ready to go guessing I will be needing it tomorrow morning.

Hoping the coffee will help fuel me to remember to push the trash out to the curb.  All that decluttering has that thing packed.  Hoping to make a drop off at goodwill tomorrow too.  Just one step closer to where I want to be.

Guess the holidays are finally over.  Here’s to another round survived!

Well Hello 2012

So its 2012.

for blog 2012

Feel any different than yesterday?

As a true Southerner I will be having my black eyed peas today.  Kale chips sound better than collards & easier to fix so that’s on board.  I don’t even remember the significance of these traditions, but I think it has to do with money.  Not risking.  Just like the 12 grapes & 12 wishes at midnight, why not?

I was good & waited til last night to put the new sheets on my bed that my parents were sweet enough to give me.  So I woke in 600 thread count purple softness.  Also get to wear a fresh new Panthers tee for the first game of the year against the Saints.  New year WITH a Panthers game from bed is a perfect start to things!

Today is day one of the latest greatest challenge…  hoping to stick with this one.  Hate that the last one ended up being more than I was really into.  But this one is simple.  Move 30 minutes each of the first 100 days of 2012!  Sounds easy enough, right?  Easy enough that I should do it.  Start the year off right.

While on the 100 kick, I’m also revisiting a challenge I previously have done.  Out with the old & maybe later in with the new.  Time to purge 100 Things again! Today & tomorrow I’m off work & its a great time to work on dejunktifying my life.  (yes that is a word. I just made it one.) That and tossed 2 things out of my world.

Confession.  Last year I watched 127 movies but only finished TWO books.  Head hangs very low.  I started several I never finished.  The real blame is probably all the blogs I read.  I can’t even imagine how many I have read this year.  This realization gave me an added push to go check out eReaders.  This year I will read more books.  Maybe the eReader would help.  Maybe not.  Certainly worth a try.  Just need to figure out which one is best for me & find a time when the store has it & I can spend the cash.  Could be a great reward for completing the first 100 day challenges!  I admit I love the whole books on the shelf look.  The cover art.  The pages & size of the book.  I’ve been hesitant to hop on the eReader train & ditch the old fashioned reading train, but who said you can’t read both ways?  Save the shelf space for the really loved ones instead of the ones I keep wanting to get around to reading.

Started doing the 10 on 10 giving last year & there is no way I am stopping.

Feels great to give back to various organizations that are doing great things all over in so many ways.  Hoping that others follow me & are inspired to give when & where they can.  We are so lucky in all we have & we always have something to share… even if only a kind word or smile.

Also I am back on board with the budgeting every month.  Its been long enough at this job where I can predict the paychecks.  Its time to work on that debt snowball.  Inspired by Dave Ramsey, but I’m not that hard core (yet).  Still need to enjoy & live life, but being aware of where every dollar is going isn’t a bad thing.  I’m a Virgo, its my nature.  I feel more comfortable knowing I am controlling my cash rather than just watching it flow in & out.

Need to make a decision that I’m dreading but not sure why.  You can be sure I will blog about it sooner or later, but for now its just one of those things where I need to figure out if risking who I am is worth becoming who I could be.  I’m amazed by everything that science can do, but do I want to be a guinea pig & risk it all?  Good thing is that I can put it on hold as long as I need.

So much opportunity in a new year.

Going to spend today continuing to dream & see what best fits me.  Hoping that 2012 finds us all Happy, Healthy, Safe & Secure.  May we always be making wishes & making those wishes come true – if they are what is best for me & you.

Time for pug snuggles, parrot dancing & cheering on the Panthers in that bitter sweet last game of the season.  Before I know it, they will return & hopefully I will again be able to sit in BOA Stadium for at least one home game.