All in a day

What a day, what a day.

Applied to 12 more jobs.  Scheduled an interview for Friday, took the next steps for another job that I actually think would be amazing… next step I think is scheduling an interview once they process the paperwork.  & then there was the interview….

I can do this…

Oh sometimes you just have to step back & think… this just isn’t for me.  If my life was a sitcom, that one would certainly have been the most hilarious part of the day.  For their sake, I really hope it was just a really bad day at the office & that isn’t the norm around there.  Sadly I can’t take that chance.  PASS. If I wanted to move to negativity & stressed out city, then I could completely have taken them up on it.  But you know I prefer positivity.

So off to one of my favorite private meditation rooms – the tanning bed.  I missed it so.  Full body heating pad & a chance to relax in a warm quiet room.  Plus if I get an ok base tan I will refrain from getting burnt if I spend over 20 minutes in the sun.

Maybe it was the heat of the day, the stress of the interview chaos or just that so many thing are changing, but I found myself doing something I never thought I would do again.  I BOUGHT MYSELF a pint of ice cream.

the start of it all

Its official I no longer hate ice cream.  I totally blame the free gelato at Pizzetta’s for this change.  The reconciliation with ice cream is goooood.  So far Ben & Jerry may be the most perfect guys for me.  But no worries, I won’t be downing a carton at midnight watching sad lifetime movies anytime soon.  Promise not to be that cliche.

Course tonight the guys at Pizzetta’s surprised me with this….

…OMG nutella & a strawberry rose… aww…

DELISH!  As if the garlic knots & BBQ pizza wasn’t incredible enough, out of no where we get this delivered to the table.  They really are wonderful!  Even wondered where we had been this past weekend.  Trying to save cash is hard.  But splurging on a slice of pizza wasn’t too hard.

Meet a few great people at a networking event, which I have to say its a tad unnerving introducing yourself to people who successfully own their own GREAT businesses when you are currently not working or as I decided to say – I am currently a MUSE…. which is what I listed on my information card I dropped off with the casting agency today.  Occupation:  Muse (AKA unemployed at the moment).  Sounds so much more fun than just a bum for now.

But it was great hearing about their businesses & what better people to learn from than those who are actually DOING IT.

So what does the next few months hold?  Who knows.  If I’m lucky a few experiences & several paychecks.

& maybe even a new T-shirt along the way!

I so love this.


Cadbury Creme Kona Kinda Morning

Remember that thought I had yesterday, well today I sacrificed the egg.

all the makings of a great spring morning

But today the egg, went into the cup!

oh egg, I know I should just savor you, but I have to try this... forgive me

then in went the Kona Kcup in to the Keurig…

Coffee People, I have no idea who you are, but I love you so.

brewed right onto the egg in a favorite mug & the aroma is pure decadent bliss.

HIGHLY suggest stirring well


So why a post on candied up coffee?

Because I have barely been away 2 hours and already learned that 2 friends have lost beloved pets over the night.

The first was one I knew & loved.  The second I never met, but know she was adored and pampered.

So quick how life passes.  So take a moment & savor the good stuff.  Enjoy being silly.  As I sit here sipping my cup, pug snuggled up to my side, I have THREE parrots shooting air kisses.  All 3 have joined me after their previous homes didn’t work out for whatever the reason & none came with any kissing.  Through love and caring they have learned to associate that sound as one I will respond back with.  Today they are greeting the new day & me with it.

& Bongo although he has been with me the longest, hasn’t developed this but he also doesn’t make much noise ever…. he is my adventurous explorer.  Go wink at him & he gladly will return the favor, but kissing? He just doesn’t do the noises!

Each moment is such a gift.  So precious.

My deepest sympathies to those who are grieving their loses.  My heart aches but hopes that the moments you shared, as unique as they are, keep them close to your heart & provide some comfort during this time.

Farewell Dolly.

Dolly, the only Citron Cockatoo I've ever known

You were beautiful, rare & adored.  I was lucky to know you.

Sights Ahead

Tonight was bliss.

That’s the best way to describe the date I had with myself. Bliss.

One of the thing I have always wanted to try was having my palm read by someone who knew what they were actually doing.  It was one of the things I regretted not having done sooner in life as I rode to the hospital to have the 1st operation on my hand.  I had spent just over the prior week looking for a palm reader that seemed legit & that I could trust to no avail.  I thought for sure that after the surgery & the scars that followed that it would never be the same or an option to have read.  Like wearing a ring on that finger, I said good bye to that dream.


I took this picture before surgery knowing it might be the last chance to see it before scars. The finger didn't move, but the skin was still together.

Thankfully, like wearing a ring, I was wrong.  It can & has now been done!

Yup check that one off the life list!

Had an amazing experience tonight having my palms read & then two separate sessions with a couple of amazing psychics! Blew my mind how on target they were and how much ahead there is too come. Lots of confirmations and reminders.

So wonderful & one of the things that the palm reader reminded me to do was journal.  She mentioned that I had a lot of stories to tell & I needed to get them out.  I admitted it was something I had gotten into a while back, but other than blogging (which there is a point where my story ends & others’ begin – thus I need to respect their rights & stop) – I hadn’t been journaling over the past few years.

So afterward, after I soaked in all the information, I treated myself to a new journal.

& that crystal on there is the rose quartz, a love stone, that I blindly picked.  Nothing else to say about that here, but very optimistic about my future.

The old adage about good things coming to those who wait, just may be true after all in some aspects of life!

Also I am a tad excited about tomorrow morning!!!

German chocolate cake coffee?? Hellzya! I was tempted to taste tonight, but I knew I would be up all night!  So tomorrow morning it is.

Dine & Dash

Seems like life is just moving too fast this time of year.

I admit I am enjoying every moment, but doesn’t leave me much time to do much else but keep up.

Lately dinners have been anywhere but home.  Just this past week I had one meal with a camera group I am a part, one with a local twitter group, another with a friend, a quick no time for much pizza (which has helped with lunches!) & then last night was a fabulous dining experience with a women’s group I just joined at a fondue place.

I actually made it to dessert! Since it was included.

I almost miss my kitchen!

If it was a better size & had room for a table & chairs, I might just have to tie myself down & start canceling to be able to cook at home!

Alas tonight here I go again.. a holiday social BBQ buffet dinner with the parrot rescue group I am a part of followed by the women’s group’s Games & Giggles event with snacks!

Hoping tomorrow I can take some time to relax & enjoy a meal at home.

Until then I just have to enjoy the ride.




Chocolate Cresent Rolls?

Last night I did the mad after work dash around to get the Thanksgiving stuff & pack up myself, a pug & 4 birds for the annual trip to my parents.  While in at work I decided it was also going to be a day of baking!  Funny how a slow day at work can lead to such grand ideas.

I decided after a discussion on chocolate croissants & the seemingly lack of anywhere to locate one in the local area, that I would make some to share at work.

Also decided that I would surprise my family by baking some blondies up to bring.


Got all the ingredients… sort of.

The blondie attempt has been put on hold due to lack of a mixer.  After rereading the recipe & seeing it say to “beat until fluffy” & realizing that was about how I felt after the long day… there was no way I was going to attempt it by hand.  So into a box all the ingredients went so that I can borrow my mom’s mixer while I am there.  Still will share, but now I also will be creating more dishes there to clean! Oops.

The chocolate croissants, well try chocolate cresent rolls.  I couldn’t find a croissant mix or dough to actually make the rolls with.  Closest I could do was the refridgerated canned stuff.  While the guys at work thought they were great… they are NOT the pastry I was longing for.

Now that light flaky fluffy pastry is what I am longing for…. Just need to actually make the pastry dough or find something more like it.

This is just not the same…

However to share in case anyone wants to try it.  The recipe is the same as on the tube.  Only change is that you slip in some chocolate before rolling the triangle up.  I cut the miniture chocolate bars leftover from Halloween in half lengthwise & used those, but I am sure that chips would work as well. 

Wondering how a dab of nutella would work?

Santa Baby…. Dreaming Again….

I spent many holidays in South Florida with a huge extended family running all over the place & being up to no good doing things like tossing the rotten tangerines from the ground into the canal pretending we were chasing off the alligators, climbing the grapefruit tree (& by doing so raising my grandfather’s blood pressure since he wanted to protect that tree) and making general choas & mischief.  The one time we would all be quiet & calm down was while we were eating.  Maybe that is why it seemed that once we finished up with one meal, someone somewhere was already talking about what we would do for the next meal.  It was something you had to plan ahead for with 11 grandkids, 8-10 adults (depending on the marriage vs divorce statuses of the moment) & the 2 grandparents!  These plates found at Kohl’s take me back to those days.  I wish I had room (& funds) to go grab some for myself for that reason alone.  I would give a leg to get to go back to those days.  Paradise is never valued til you can longer go back it seems.  I am eternally grateful for the memories & the chance to experience it 1st hand.  Thankful for all those that are still with us this year.

Also I have a confession. I don’t typically go for aprons.  Maybe if I hosted more dinner parties where I had to get dressed up & cook at the same time, then I might go for them.  However being someone who doesn’t do aprons, I still love this one from Pier One!  Very Holiday Diva!

Hot chocolate is a staple for me when the temperatures drop.  Forget calories & all that, hot chocolate is liquid comfort & much needed with the stresses of the seasons.  All the challenges to make everything merry & bright when there are so many ideas of what that is – NEED CHOCOLATE!  I think life would be a bit easier for the moment with a few decadent sips from this mug!  Because lets face it…. I AM ONE TOUGH COOKIE… even if I do need the reminder now & then.

Samhain Sweets!

or Happy Halloween if you prefer…

either way TRICK OR TREAT!!!

Made some delish pumpkin chocolate cupcakes (Pack of Devil’s Food cake mix, can of pumpkin puree  &  1 cup water)

Use fun Halloween cupcake wrappers for kicks!

Then topped with vanilla icing & sprinkles as desired.

Don’t forget to leave one out for any ancestors who may come by to visit tonight.



Baxter was the white rabbit to my Ali in Wonderland.