Cadbury Creme Kona Kinda Morning

Remember that thought I had yesterday, well today I sacrificed the egg.

all the makings of a great spring morning

But today the egg, went into the cup!

oh egg, I know I should just savor you, but I have to try this... forgive me

then in went the Kona Kcup in to the Keurig…

Coffee People, I have no idea who you are, but I love you so.

brewed right onto the egg in a favorite mug & the aroma is pure decadent bliss.

HIGHLY suggest stirring well


So why a post on candied up coffee?

Because I have barely been away 2 hours and already learned that 2 friends have lost beloved pets over the night.

The first was one I knew & loved.  The second I never met, but know she was adored and pampered.

So quick how life passes.  So take a moment & savor the good stuff.  Enjoy being silly.  As I sit here sipping my cup, pug snuggled up to my side, I have THREE parrots shooting air kisses.  All 3 have joined me after their previous homes didn’t work out for whatever the reason & none came with any kissing.  Through love and caring they have learned to associate that sound as one I will respond back with.  Today they are greeting the new day & me with it.

& Bongo although he has been with me the longest, hasn’t developed this but he also doesn’t make much noise ever…. he is my adventurous explorer.  Go wink at him & he gladly will return the favor, but kissing? He just doesn’t do the noises!

Each moment is such a gift.  So precious.

My deepest sympathies to those who are grieving their loses.  My heart aches but hopes that the moments you shared, as unique as they are, keep them close to your heart & provide some comfort during this time.

Farewell Dolly.

Dolly, the only Citron Cockatoo I've ever known

You were beautiful, rare & adored.  I was lucky to know you.


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