All in a day

What a day, what a day.

Applied to 12 more jobs.  Scheduled an interview for Friday, took the next steps for another job that I actually think would be amazing… next step I think is scheduling an interview once they process the paperwork.  & then there was the interview….

I can do this…

Oh sometimes you just have to step back & think… this just isn’t for me.  If my life was a sitcom, that one would certainly have been the most hilarious part of the day.  For their sake, I really hope it was just a really bad day at the office & that isn’t the norm around there.  Sadly I can’t take that chance.  PASS. If I wanted to move to negativity & stressed out city, then I could completely have taken them up on it.  But you know I prefer positivity.

So off to one of my favorite private meditation rooms – the tanning bed.  I missed it so.  Full body heating pad & a chance to relax in a warm quiet room.  Plus if I get an ok base tan I will refrain from getting burnt if I spend over 20 minutes in the sun.

Maybe it was the heat of the day, the stress of the interview chaos or just that so many thing are changing, but I found myself doing something I never thought I would do again.  I BOUGHT MYSELF a pint of ice cream.

the start of it all

Its official I no longer hate ice cream.  I totally blame the free gelato at Pizzetta’s for this change.  The reconciliation with ice cream is goooood.  So far Ben & Jerry may be the most perfect guys for me.  But no worries, I won’t be downing a carton at midnight watching sad lifetime movies anytime soon.  Promise not to be that cliche.

Course tonight the guys at Pizzetta’s surprised me with this….

…OMG nutella & a strawberry rose… aww…

DELISH!  As if the garlic knots & BBQ pizza wasn’t incredible enough, out of no where we get this delivered to the table.  They really are wonderful!  Even wondered where we had been this past weekend.  Trying to save cash is hard.  But splurging on a slice of pizza wasn’t too hard.

Meet a few great people at a networking event, which I have to say its a tad unnerving introducing yourself to people who successfully own their own GREAT businesses when you are currently not working or as I decided to say – I am currently a MUSE…. which is what I listed on my information card I dropped off with the casting agency today.  Occupation:  Muse (AKA unemployed at the moment).  Sounds so much more fun than just a bum for now.

But it was great hearing about their businesses & what better people to learn from than those who are actually DOING IT.

So what does the next few months hold?  Who knows.  If I’m lucky a few experiences & several paychecks.

& maybe even a new T-shirt along the way!

I so love this.

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