Sights Ahead

Tonight was bliss.

That’s the best way to describe the date I had with myself. Bliss.

One of the thing I have always wanted to try was having my palm read by someone who knew what they were actually doing.  It was one of the things I regretted not having done sooner in life as I rode to the hospital to have the 1st operation on my hand.  I had spent just over the prior week looking for a palm reader that seemed legit & that I could trust to no avail.  I thought for sure that after the surgery & the scars that followed that it would never be the same or an option to have read.  Like wearing a ring on that finger, I said good bye to that dream.


I took this picture before surgery knowing it might be the last chance to see it before scars. The finger didn't move, but the skin was still together.

Thankfully, like wearing a ring, I was wrong.  It can & has now been done!

Yup check that one off the life list!

Had an amazing experience tonight having my palms read & then two separate sessions with a couple of amazing psychics! Blew my mind how on target they were and how much ahead there is too come. Lots of confirmations and reminders.

So wonderful & one of the things that the palm reader reminded me to do was journal.  She mentioned that I had a lot of stories to tell & I needed to get them out.  I admitted it was something I had gotten into a while back, but other than blogging (which there is a point where my story ends & others’ begin – thus I need to respect their rights & stop) – I hadn’t been journaling over the past few years.

So afterward, after I soaked in all the information, I treated myself to a new journal.

& that crystal on there is the rose quartz, a love stone, that I blindly picked.  Nothing else to say about that here, but very optimistic about my future.

The old adage about good things coming to those who wait, just may be true after all in some aspects of life!

Also I am a tad excited about tomorrow morning!!!

German chocolate cake coffee?? Hellzya! I was tempted to taste tonight, but I knew I would be up all night!  So tomorrow morning it is.

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