bullets or bandages?

Use your words.

Advice given to tons of people in many situations.  Depressed?  Talk through the pain.  Angry? Better to use your words than to punch someone’s lights out.  The thing that is so often forgotten is how the words are more powerful and cut deeper than you ever intend.

So how to move on?  Let it go is easier said than done.

All I do know is that actions speak louder than words and you should never let someone else’s words define you.

After another tough week with a few low points and a few high ones (hello – I got a GRANT for school expenses!!!), I’m left trying to find words to express all the things I am feeling right now.  One moment I am sad over things I can’t change, the next I find myself getting lost in a moment of delight.  Mixed all throughout are comforting cuddles with Baxter.

Things may or may not get better soon, but at some point the tough parts will change and we grow stronger for getting thru them – at least I have been told.

No matter what there is always more than one way to look at a situation.  You can find the pain or the positive.  Sure it stinks not to have a steady paycheck, but you have the chance to really prove you can survive by stretching a dime – even if its your last one.  The choice is there.  I choose to see the opportunity and hope instead of dwelling on the downsides.  Its not easy but with practice it starts to come naturally.  Right now it is a struggle.

Maybe it isn’t the most realistic approach, but I can stress out or bliss out.  At least this way I will have fun on the ride, even if the car does crash at the end.


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