100 Days til Disney – Building Habits

Today I woke to the knowledge that in 100 Days I will be at WALT DISNEY WORLD!



Bit of a Disney geek…. just a tad! Actually it runs in the family because not long after waking my sister called & was just as excited. She is trying not to drive her husband nuts with the countdown, but we both have apps on our phones reminding us. She has a visual countdown with an idea she got from Pinterest to help lil wee nephew countdown with us (even though he hasn’t a clue where he is going).  At 70 days, his countdown will start! So exciting.

We were loving some Rafiki time! Those smiles!

We were loving some Rafiki time! Those smiles!

Mine however is going to be a bit more productive. I hope.

While I count down the days, I plan on building up some good habits.

It’s been done before in various ways. John “the Penguin” Bingham does 100 Days at the being of each year for people to start each year off right with 100 straight days of 30 minutes or more of exercise. One of my favorite blogs (seriously it is funny & beautifully done) Going Reno even declares that her 100 Day Experiment saved her life!

Most people would get a calender and start marking off the days. In the past I have found a picture with 100 bubbles to color in one day at a time. Even have seen where people get a 100 piece puzzle & add one piece for each day they complete the tasks. (Who has room to do that? or the patience?) Others use chalkboards or move beads from one jar to another. Me? I need some Mickey!

100 Day Countdown to Disney

At the end of each day where I complete the tasks, I will color in a Mickey.

So what am I doing for the next 100 days other than getting giddy with anticipation?

Going to go big & develop two habits.

Normally I would say focus on one, but both are things I do regularly just not as regularly as I would like.

  • WRITE – everyday. every single day. I do this sporadically but the reality is I need to write daily. Even if just for a few minutes. I MUST write at minimum 2 sentences per day for the next 100 days.
  • MOVE – I exercise a lot more than I used to but I can always do more. So everyday. At least one mile or 30 minutes per day of intentional physical activity. No rest days, but certainly understand their value and will rest groups of muscles regularly to avoid injury.


That’s the plan. For the next 100 Days, starting today I will be moving (& burning off the Disney excitement energy) & writing (new Disney travel prep book in works?).

Let’s do this!


1,667 words a day REALLY?


November 5k has been scheduled! Excited? Absolutely  & thankfully it will be just in time to be helping get me out of a turkey coma after Thanksgiving!

Has already been a wile November around here but so far so good.

Other than thinking I could possibly be part of this NaNoWriMo challenge! 50,000 words? In ONE month! Sounded easy but nothing says bring on the obstacles like setting a challenge up.  Has been a really busy weekend & looks like with school work, working out, family & friends time…. well writing just is getting tougher to fit in.  Still I know that is why we focus – to make it happen.  So far it seems like inspiration and great ideas seem to come at those times where I am away from my laptop.  Couple of times I have written down the ideas, but I have yet to add them into the actual piece I am working on.

 No clue how many words per day I would typically write if I were writing but having the goal of 1,667 words to aim for is enough to take your breath away & make your mind shut down as soon as I open the file.

Second guessing everything is a challenge too.  Which way to go with each moment, how to describe everything I see in my head, etc.  So many roads that can be wandered down & making decisions on a deadline just is clogging up my mind.  Writing something to turn around to change it all means less words that day and a general feeling like now I need to write 5,000 words each day!

Plus there are just so many distractions in this house.  So many other things to do that are popping up.  Maybe it is due to the holidays barreling down on us faster than the first person through the door at a Best Buy Black Friday sale.  Either way I WILL find my way around the obstacles.  Just have to try a few new things to build up the habits.

What it all boils down to is this..


I need to stop worrying about it being so awesome (well as awesome as I want it to be) & just do it.  Stop being so hesitant & careful that I don’t do it.  I am doing this for me.  To prove to myself I can.  Not to publish something, but to achieve something.  50,000 words in one month… why not?

Just have to breath deep & look at it like everything else.


Step by step.

That first 5k started with a single step.

This will happen word by word.

Now if only I could find a way to write while exercising!


By Dawn’s First Light

ahhh.  a brand new month begins.

Full of promise, without all the pomp of January’s New Year.  I didn’t really make any resolutions, but lately I have wanted to start a lot of things.  A lot feels on hold.  With so much going on and that could change at a moment’s notice, it just doesn’t seem smart to plan too much.  Yet now I am starting to get used to the current life in two cities situation.  The drive is around 3ish hours and typically there isn’t much traffic.  The highway may be a bit dull with few & far stops in between, but it is nice.  LOTS of thinking time.

There is balance in the days I am home.  Silence.  No plans (other than classes) & no one depending on me.  Much beloved beach time.  Here with my parents, the responsibilities seem almost freeing.  I spend time by mom’s bedside, giving my dad a much deserved break.  Keep the medications all on schedule.  Cook the meals & try to have something leftover to get them through a couple of days that I am not here.  While mom sleeps I do homework, read, blog, discover new recipes and relax.  Dream a little.  Remember a lot.

While I still feel a bit like this is all happening so fast, I recognize time is passing.  From the start my mom always made it perfectly clear that she never wanted my sister or I to put our lives on hold for her illness.  When I made the decision to split my time it was after much debate.  Dropping classes wasn’t an option in her mind.  In the ER in December she made me promise to finish this.  She knows how much I enjoy it & worries that I will sink back into fear (the agoraphobic years).  She didn’t want me dropping a single class, but it just had to be this way.  For all of us.  I had to be firm & tell her that this wasn’t up for discussion I was making a statement when I finally presented her with my class schedule.  We had tried arranging it several ways to keep the full time load, but nothing seemed to work out.   I’m grateful that I am able to live in the two worlds and that I have this time with her now.

So now that I have my feet firmly planted on my flying carpet what next?

I feel like I want something to work towards.  Always do better when I have something to aim at.  Some positive, happy events.


So I am setting a few new goals for myself.  (Some to work on some to reward and pamper myself)

1.  Try a new recipe each week.  (Easy since I have my parents kitchen to work with & several people ready to help me eat whatever I make)

2.  Write.  I thought about doing a statement of “Every day” but the reality is there may be some days where the homework will need to come first or there may be situations where family time is more pressing.  So still going to set a goal, but one that is flexible.  Inspired by a friend’s commitment to finish 50k in a month, I decided to set a month goal.  7,000 words for February.  Works out to around 250 per day.  Totally do able.


3.  Visit the ocean each week.  Even if only for a few seconds.  The sounds of the surf calm me like no other.  So far so good this year.  Even was able to take my torts book out to read the chapter this past week, stormy weather coming & everything.  It is just grounding to be there and I need it to soothe my soul.


4.  Also I have a severely neglected gratitude jar that I started New Years Day.  So far the sad lil thing has ONE PIECE of paper in there.  This changes TODAY.  More gratefulness and stopping not only to smell the roses, but to take a few pictures as well.  Or in this case jot down how incredible they smelled & how they made me miss showering at my grandma’s where she always had a bottle of that pink herbal essence stuff that made your hair smell like roses.


5.  Give more compliments.  Maybe it is the intensity of everything happening right now, but more than ever I feel people NEED joy in their lives.  Friends, family & complete strangers.  Simple acts of love and compassion to show how we are all together in this struggle of life.  We all deal with something and could use the smile.  So comments on blogs, smiles and telling someone how great those boots look, just more happiness to share.

Oh & plan the best baby shower ever for a mom carrying the best kid in the world!  (Did I mention she HATES pink & isn’t so fond of baby blue either?) No storks allowed & no pulling pins off people when they say “baby”.  Thankfully I’m not planning alone.  Her sisters by choice are on board. We are going to have a blast.  She deserves it!

All in all I’m determined.  February will be wonderful.  Just got to be.


& of course blog about it along the way.

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