Relaxing #52Lists

Life can easily be overwhelming.

All too often life shows us how quickly it could take a turn when we least expect it.  Even more important to savor each moment and do the things that mean the most.

Spent the afternoon meditating by the ocean & for a little while last night sat and watched the waves roll in under the moonlight.

None of it makes any more since before, but I feel better.

Also delighted by a surprise in my mailbox.


My Sseko sandals arrived!

Super happy about these.

Today’s topic for 52 Lists was perfectly timed – Things I Find Relaxing


Should have added being snuggled up in comfy blankets and pillows with a snoring pug by my side.  Sure is relaxing right now.



So even though I had a blast last night with one of my favoritest people in the whole wide world…

...the pound cake...

….today I just can’t seem to break free from the funk.

Yup. I’m a tad crankster.

I am completely amazed at how much fun we had on so little cash.  We both are in between jobs at the moment & ended up being surprised by freebies from sweet people all night!  It was like the luck gods said… you two crazies are going to have a blast tonight even if you are being thrifty! Love those nights!  Great fun catching up with a few friends we have missed & also watching one heck of a drag show!

So this morning I woke up only a little later than normal, 8:30ish, got my coffee & to my surprise discovered as I was relaxing letting the breeze flow inside a WASP must have got in!  I have screens so I haven’t got a clue how, but there it was buzzing around the main light in the den!  For once I didn’t panic & just leave the room…..but I did remind myself & check exactly where my epipen was!

seriously? already out in MARCH?

With where it was, there was no smacking it to kill it & I’m not a huge kill it kind of girl.  I tend to escort spiders outside rather than squish them. Don’t get me wrong here… roaches, palmetto, water bugs whatever you want to call them are exempt – then will meet the bottom of my shoe inside or out of my house!  Typically my preferred action would be to step outside while someone else who isn’t allergic kills it to prevent it from killing me.  Since none of the parrots or Baxter stepped up, this wasn’t an option. grrr.

So I had to relax & just hope it would land somewhere I KNEW would be a quick one shot kill & not just piss it off & start the war.  Alas I calmed down & now haven’t a clue where the danged thing went! crud.

So on with the day. Shower, lunch & more relaxing since I still am feeling tired physically if not mentally.  Also I am feeling the need to reinvent myself.  Maybe it was all the beautiful queens last night who made their lovely looks their on own that is making me take stock.  Maybe its the changes all happening in my life.  Still I am feeling like something different.  (Not to mention, wishing I started dieting & working out more about a year ago! Not helping that I feel like I want to constantly be munching on something right now.)  Maybe its not seeing any job listings that really make me sparkle & think “that is SOOO me!”.  Whatever it is, time like these do not call for rash decisions.  I solemnly swear not to bust out the scissors to my long locks til I am ok with the idea for at least a few days.


the divine Dixie Queen herself, Tara Nicole Brooks

(in yesterday’s shade of pink!!!)

Still those queens in there hold their heads high knowing they are who they want to be & it is by their own two hands that they got there.  They decided & they went for it.  Sure they have help & support, ….lots of support! 😉 But they transform into their ideals & fantasy life instead of just accepting things as they are.  So how to lasso that power of transformation & become energized to better define me? I think a lot of it comes from not caring a bit what others think.  Just being true to your own spirit & doing what you need to do to live like you want to live.   …as they say “Stand beside me or step out of my way”.

I’m just cranky.  …& I don’t know why.

So dream time.  Maybe a movie.  Maybe some pizza… maybe a nap?

dream I get to nap here.... instead of the stupid twin

Guess I just need to remind myself that every dream takes time & work.  We all have our days we just want to stay in bed & forget the world for a while.  Get lost in some fantasy…in whole different story.

Let go of all the makeup, hair & boot envy sparked from last night.  Just enjoy the here & now as it is & relax.

…..or should I?

Starting new

After a LOT of sleep, I woke to my first day no longer working at that job feeling pretty good.  It was almost as the air was lighter around me.  I got up & had a load of laundry going, dishes washing, all animals fed & was checking emails with a cup of coffee in my hand by nine am!

Baxter however decided to stay longer in bed & sleep a lot later than I did

Since yesterday’s tarot episode was so dead on I decided to try to see…. My question was “What will today bring?” or something along those lines as I shuffled the cards.  When it felt right, I pulled one card.

The Hanged Man!  Which seems perfect.  I am surrendering all & I am in transition.  A very in between day.  A time to just rest, relax & realize things are going to change so its best to just enjoy this time for what it is.  (more on that card below)

finally get to eat a REAL lunch on a weekday! At a favorite spot - Chris' Cosmic Kitchen

Treated myself to a lunch out & felt like I was skipping work!  I’m sure soon it will feel like I am needing something to do, but today just feels like I am on vacation.

Then it was off to the home repair store to right a few things that have been on my nerves.  Few holes patched (one biggie) and got the stuff I need to repair a leaky toilet.  Seemed like a great symbolism for the day.  Patching the tiny holes & stopping the drain.

The other thing I brought home was a spur of the moment purchase.  I know I should have stuck to the needed items like the dry dex, light bulbs, air filters, toilet flapper & such, but I saw the plants & I had to.

I got my cute rosemary.

thinking some sage my come to keep her company soon

While I was recovering from my 2nd surgery, my sister was sweet enough to take care of not only me but some house work.  She tackled some weeds that were thriving out back.  Along the way she also mistook my beloved rosemary bush that had been around for quite a while.  I was crushed, but her intentions were good & she honestly thought it was a weed I didn’t want.

To me rosemary can be used to protect against negativity & to draw love.  The perfect plant for a home.  Maybe she did a good thing in removing the old plant & allowing a chance to bring in a new plant.

So with the breeze and the sun, I got out & planted my rosemary back where the other one was.

Baxter decided to be the supervisor over seeing the project from a safe distance!

I think Baxter is still confused & the parrots certainly are enjoying getting extra out of cage time with me being home today!

Baxter still keeps walking over to his “work bed” & looking at it with an odd look.  Almost like he is thinking “Why is this thing here?”.  The confusion he had riding home in it yesterday was one of the hardest parts for me.

Baxter on the ride home yesterday - in his work bed

Still this is a good change.  We are going to grow from this & life is going to put us where we should be.  For now, its just to take a breath, catch up on a few loose ends & maybe take a walk in the sunshine!


The Hanged Man, is a card about suspension, not life or death. This is a time of trial or meditation, selflessness, sacrifice, prophecy. The Querent stops resisting; instead he makes himself vulnerable, sacrifices his position or opposition, and in doing so, gains illumination. Answers that eluded him become clear, solutions to problems are found. He sees the world differently, has almost mystical insights. This card can also imply a time when everything just stands still, a time of rest and reflection before moving on. Things will continue on in a moment, but for now, they float, timeless.

This card signifies a time of insight so deep that, for a moment, nothing but that insight exists. All Tarot readers have such moments when we see, with absolute clarity, the whole picture, the entire message offered by a spread. The Hanged Man symbolizes such moments of suspension between physical and mystical worlds. Such moments don’t last, and they usually require some kind of sacrifice. Sacrifice of a belief or perspective, a wish, dream, hope, money, time or even selfhood. In order to gain, you must give. Sometimes you need to sacrifice cherished positions, open yourself to other truths, other perspectives in order to find solutions, in order to bring about change. One thing is certain, whether the insight is great or small, spiritual or mundane, once you have been the Hanged Man you never see things quite the same.