100 Days til Disney – Building Habits

Today I woke to the knowledge that in 100 Days I will be at WALT DISNEY WORLD!



Bit of a Disney geek…. just a tad! Actually it runs in the family because not long after waking my sister called & was just as excited. She is trying not to drive her husband nuts with the countdown, but we both have apps on our phones reminding us. She has a visual countdown with an idea she got from Pinterest to help lil wee nephew countdown with us (even though he hasn’t a clue where he is going).  At 70 days, his countdown will start! So exciting.

We were loving some Rafiki time! Those smiles!

We were loving some Rafiki time! Those smiles!

Mine however is going to be a bit more productive. I hope.

While I count down the days, I plan on building up some good habits.

It’s been done before in various ways. John “the Penguin” Bingham does 100 Days at the being of each year for people to start each year off right with 100 straight days of 30 minutes or more of exercise. One of my favorite blogs (seriously it is funny & beautifully done) Going Reno even declares that her 100 Day Experiment saved her life!

Most people would get a calender and start marking off the days. In the past I have found a picture with 100 bubbles to color in one day at a time. Even have seen where people get a 100 piece puzzle & add one piece for each day they complete the tasks. (Who has room to do that? or the patience?) Others use chalkboards or move beads from one jar to another. Me? I need some Mickey!

100 Day Countdown to Disney

At the end of each day where I complete the tasks, I will color in a Mickey.

So what am I doing for the next 100 days other than getting giddy with anticipation?

Going to go big & develop two habits.

Normally I would say focus on one, but both are things I do regularly just not as regularly as I would like.

  • WRITE – everyday. every single day. I do this sporadically but the reality is I need to write daily. Even if just for a few minutes. I MUST write at minimum 2 sentences per day for the next 100 days.
  • MOVE – I exercise a lot more than I used to but I can always do more. So everyday. At least one mile or 30 minutes per day of intentional physical activity. No rest days, but certainly understand their value and will rest groups of muscles regularly to avoid injury.


That’s the plan. For the next 100 Days, starting today I will be moving (& burning off the Disney excitement energy) & writing (new Disney travel prep book in works?).

Let’s do this!


Hurdles or Road-blocks

Oh what a day.  Tried to get to work. No go.

Tried to get some sleep since I was home.  Thanks to some chatty parrots & a neighbor with a drum set & clearly way more energy than me today – no luck there either.

this chick has way more energy than me

Changed the sheets on my bed half way through the day – exhausted.  Breathing is a struggle it seems & although everything inside me said just lay back and be a bump on a log today, another part of me said – you have done 15 days straight of working out, why give it up now?  I’m sick that’s why.

I gave up trying to sleep, hoping that soon the drummer would have to go run an errand or something & tried one last time to get into the book I have slowly been reading.  The story started to pick up, yet slowed again.  I kept reading.  My achy body decided that even clicking the pages on my iPod touch was draining.  So I switched to the laptop’s bigger screen so more words would fit on the screen.  Then I got tired of laying that way to be able to see.  Whiny much? clearly.  Complete tragedy of first world pains.  Oh the agony. {feel free to roll your eyes again}  There is a point here to this insanity.  My privileged self thought how good that Kindle Fire would be right about now.   Tempted I went to the online site & toyed with the idea of just ordering the danged thing already.  Then I didn’t want to wait for it to arrive.  Maybe the local Best Buy had restocked.  I could just shower off the funk of laying around and go pretend I wasn’t sick & pick one up.  Surely I could get the energy up to do that & then crash.


Sure I COULD do that, but where is the fun in that?  Self gratification is a great thing sometimes, but in this case wouldn’t it also be defeating?  I could go get the Kindle Fire & just give up on the whole working out daily goal.  Would be really easy to do today.  Then I was reminded of a quote I have always loved:

“In his pursuit of the dream, he was being constantly subjected to tests of his persistence and courage.” ~ Paulo Coelho in the Alchemist

Was this whole thing I test of my dedication?  Call me crazy but I really didn’t want to give up this easy.  No money riding on it or any accountability to anyone but myself, but still.

“Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you are afraid of them, they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they will slink out of sight.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

So yes.  No Kindle Fire for me today.  I worked out.  It was not 30 minutes straight, instead I opted for 10 minutes in 3 separate sessions.  Slow walking but done.  Probably burned the calories of a strawberry and earned no cardio credit for today, but I stayed with the goal.  One step closer to the habit happening again.

Also turns out that by staying the distance, the book is growing on me.  Dawned on me that over the years there have been plenty of books I have read that I never would have opened if it hadn’t been required reading.  Some of those stories that I dreaded & trudged through ended up sticking with me and teaching me so much more than I expected them to.

As easy as it would be just to go find something else to read, I realize one thing today – something I have known all along.

(ok well maybe I did quit smoking in 2001, but otherwise… not a quitter!)