Why Hello Nov

How on earth is it possibly November already?


The time is going much faster than I realized.  Just doesn’t feel like it should be here yet.  Enjoyed my Halloween night, probably more than I should have, but still I forget it means the end of the year is so close.

Decided that whatever happens this month, happens.  I am going to try best not to expect too much.  Tradition will come back in time.  This year we just need to be together and support each other.

That & I am going to focus on non-holiday goals as distractions.

Which speaking of goals… I achieved one MUCH quicker than I thought I ever would!  At the start of the year I joined the GoodReads.com challenge to set a goal number of books to read in 2013 & by the end of October… I have done it!


Thought with my history of not finishing them last few years, that 2 a month would be a stretch!  Here I am at 25 instead of 24 with two whole months left to go.  So I will keep going & who knows.

Now will I be able to write a novel in a month? We shall see.  Again it is NaNoWriMo and I’m jumping in.  Why not?  50,000 words in 30 days, who says I can’t? Others have.  Shall see.


Definitely feeling inspired today!  Starting something new with a new idea.  Who knows where it will lead.  Something to publish? Something just for me?  Or something for the recycle bin!  Either way it is all in the experience.

Still debating on which 5k to do this month.  Thought for sure I would be registered for one by now, but nope.  Dragging my feet.  Why I just don’t even know.  Part is the decision.  This one or that one.  Course I guess there is nothing that says you can’t do two a month!

Oh yeah & toss in all the normal daily stuff.  Should be an interesting month!


Go On Guess

Guess what’s different….

Really.  Did you notice?

Nope. Not my hair or nails.  I didn’t change my purse (although I should soon). All out of guesses?

I’ve added a new widget to track the reading this year!

Look it’s over there to the Right! —->

well… you have to look down just a bit further on the side here, but its there.

I promise.

Turns out one of my favorite new finds in websites, Goodreads, is challenging readers to set a goal for the number of books the will read in 2012.  Since reading is always a goal for me, I went ahead & added my name to the list.

A couple of years ago I set the 3 books a month goal. Last year, I may as well have been illiterate.  So I went what I thought would be a good goal – one per month.  12 books for the year seemed like a good plan.

As I type this, I can proudly say I have completed THREE books since the start of the year.  Evidently being sick has an upside – time to read.

Finished the 3rd last night and already started number four today while working out.  Still slow & steady (and severely congested!) but I walked for 30 minutes while reading.  Again not looking to break world records, just trying to retrain myself that this is a non-negotiable part of each day.  Like reading.

Honestly maybe 12 books this year isn’t such a good goal.  Maybe I’m not reaching high enough.  So I’m upping the ante.  Doubling it actually!  Hoping that this is something that will be a challenge, but motivating at the same time.

Also thinking that with 17 days down, there are only 83 days away from my Kindle Fire.  April 9th can’t come soon enough.

So read anything good lately?

Hoping that I’m not the only one who is reading still.  Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what to read next.  I have a few titles in mind, but you never know where you might find the next best thing! So share…. leave me a comment on what you are reading or wish you were, or just finished.  Are you up for taking the challenge?  How many are you pledging to read in 2012?