the 10 Day YOU Challenge: 7 & the DietBet results











( will skip the obvious stuff like true love, world peace, cure for cancer, perfect health for all & stick to the materialistic stuff. Also great job & dream home on the beach are pretty much assumed right along side ability to swim like a mermaid & communicate with all species! Rest assured when I dream, I dream bigger than a list of 7 so I will limit it to items that can actually be purchased.)

7. This jeep. Love the color and quite frankly I am dying to get something with 4 wheel drive to get out to the North End areas of the beach to go camping & just relax in general. Sure I go to all the other beaches, but I want to be able to drive there too.


ok pink or purple also would be awesome… black is good too.  Maybe I need to think more on this. But of the fun!


6. Panthers jersey…. & of course a primo seat with season tickets.

5. Aviary greenhouse combo. Something where beautiful tropical plants can grow & a place where the parrots can get out & enjoy being “outside” but safely.  My own lil paradise.


4. My own dance studio. Some space to just move around and work out. Barre, mirrored wall to check form when needed, pole & of course a great sound system & a weight bench over in a corner. Would be bliss. I miss the stretching involved in ballet dancing, the release of getting into the music & the strength that came from learning various pole moves.

3. New dish set that magically clean themselves after use. Too much to ask for? They don’t already make those? Why not?


Ok so I guess just a fun new set of salad plates to have fun with would work too.

2. A boat.  No not just any boat, I want one I can enjoy & travel a bit on. Some space below to sleep.


Like a ticket to the world. Plus imagine the adventures & the views!

1. All my memories.  Well organized. I wish we had organized all the photos we have taken over the years & made more notes along the way. Noted who was who & what date they were taken, where… all the details we forget. Hoping to start something better than just the old tote full of envelopes or the old peel and stick photo albums, although they are certainly a start. Wild how much work it can be all at once but if we just had done it along the way. No time like the present.

I could dream all day & actually have been thinking about this post several days. So much to desire in life, but also hit me how much I already have. I’m grateful for everything and that at times I have more than enough and am able to share. But oh what fun to dream!

Everything starts with a dream & thankfully I have happy news to report: I won my DietBet!

Baxter was happy too!

Baxter was happy too!

Not sure what the amount won will be, but I lost 14 lbs instead of the 8 lbs that was required. That in itself makes me a winner.  Will find out more after everyone’s outcomes have been verified & they determine how many people won. I have been verified so I am in! There were 1,10 people last I checked so that is a lot of people to verify!  & yes that means a pot of $25,250 to split up.

Hopefully the big payoff will be with improved medical tests when I return to the doctor. Either way I am celebrating with feeling great (& maybe buying myself something non-food). Need to dream more.

On the search for a new bet to place. Certainly can reinvest in myself, because I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


Blog? What Blog?

Life is just flying by!

Been spending a lot of time with family lately.  Seems babies & life just take a lot of attention.  I thought with Mom’s passing I would be in Charlotte less, but seems I’m here more than ever.

My goals & world seem to have been put on hold, but I don’t mind a bit.  Turns out newborns aren’t scary at all.  I ADORE taking care of my nephew! Diapers, crying & all.  Who knew? He just has a way of making all right in the world.  The faces he makes melt me.

I joke about how much this year has been awful and that I can’t take much more 2013, but then I remember 2013 is the year this sweet cherub arrived & stole our hearts.  Thankfully.


Hope for the future.

So on to getting back to normal, the new version of it…. sooner or later.

Til then we are taking things one onesie at a time.  Baby steps and big dreams.

Tonight I head back home to a hot house where the air condition has decide to quit.  Dentist visit, homework for this summer session’s classes, lots of laundry, then hoping to hit the beach for a me day before I head back to the Queen City.  Living the gypsy life on the move,  but cramming it all full of family, memories & good food.  So many plans brewing in my head but for now I’m content just being where I am.

So this is daybreak

I’m not a morning person.

On any given day, I am the one who can sleep in the morning as long as possible & then be the zombie that shouldn’t be spoken to til after 10 am if its important.  Caffeine is not optional.  So why at just after 6 am did I suddenly fine myself wide awake? perhaps it had something to do with not taking the ambien last night, but I have a hunch its a bit different – for the first time in a long time I am truly inspired.  Ecstatic to chase a new day from beginning to end.  See how much I can pack into it.

Recently I realized that the things that I have loved in most jobs I have had & the conversations that really ignite me are the rules, the justification behind those rules & defining or in some causes redefining them.

One of the main things that attracted me to the Human Resources field is that sense of order that policies bring.  I believe all people have the right to do things the way they feel best, but as society or organization, we need to define those boundaries to some extent.   Give someone a goal & the rules of the game then let them go.  You may just be inspired by what you see!  The communication and negotiation of expectations is vital to group harmony.  As is ability to recognize differences & the value they bring to the common good.

So why didn’t I make the connection before?  Guess it wasn’t time.

My Dad asked me this week if I had thought about going back to school to get specialized training.  My initial thought was forget that! I was lucky to make it out once!  All the tests, homework & deadlines…. and last time I checked it took money not brought it in.  I was trying to make ends meet easier not drag them further apart.  But hours after hanging up the phone, I had a realization that maybe Dad was on to something.

Daily seeing resumes come in with various specialized training for positions that just were not available may have me a bit jaded when it comes to technical training programs.  Some schools are in the business of selling their services and in this time of higher unemployment, it can be an easy sell.  Without jobs to enter into to use that training though what good does it do?

There is value in being the master of one, rather than the Jack (or Jill) of all trades.  Especially when you are fueled by passion rather than just wanting to cash in the paycheck at the end of the day.

So today I begin my journey to chase a dream.  Today I look for scholarships, grants or potentially my first student loan ever.  Why? Because I am fueled up & on a mission.  I know now where I am meant to be.  I also know that before now, I wasn’t ready.  Maturity and all the experiences before needed to come before, but now I need to find my way in.  Make it happen.


First steps find the funding & the training.  Ideas are in place and contacts for advice and information has been made.  Transcripts ordered and admission application submitted.

And there isn’t an inkling of doubt in my heart that this isn’t what I am supposed to be doing right now.  For once in my life I can truly say – there is no fear, only trust.  I will find the path as long as I open up to it & take steps forward, even when those steps are scary.

So today I begin.  I am committed (perhaps should be committed may be what some are thinking) and I am dedicating myself.

Broken free from all restraints holding me back I dive.


Draft Dreams

Tonight I watch as lives change.  The NFL Draft is on right now & I love this night each year.  Dreams coming true. The excitement and hope. New careers start.

Which is extremely timely in my life.

I haven’t exactly been happy lately.  Just not able to get my heart & mind into my work – well, I guess I should say FORMER work.  yes my time as a recruiter is over. No drama, no hard feelings, just time to end and allow fresh energy to do the work.

So tomorrow I will be enjoying a bit of me time.  Relaxation & stopping to smell a few roses so to speak.

But come Monday.. its ON AGAIN!  another challenge to begin.  Some of my most popular post have been those where I was out of work & looking for a new job while sticking to a budget.  Of course I am going to do it again!  With a bit of a twist.  I have in mind something that came to me & like a light bulb went off, it just made sense.  One of those why didn’t I think of that before moments.  I am going to follow my heart again.  But that is a story to come.

For now I watch as others dreams come true.  The excitement to see who is picked & their smiles as big as can be.  I can’t help but be thrilled for each & every player who goes up & accepts that new jersey.  This fall I most likely will boo them as they battle my beloved Panthers on the field, but tonight we share an emotion – pure elation.  The joy of knowing the best is yet to come.  Awareness that its going to be work, but its worth every single moment.

So congratulations to all the new NFL players & their families.

Can not wait for all the things to come!

Once Upon A Time….

….there was a little girl who read stories of perfect worlds, with perfect people and perfect lives.  She listened to tales of true love and happily ever afters.  She watched movies where the characters would do anything to bring about the happy endings.  She grew up.

Along the way she realized a few things.  The princes had flaws.  The princesses underestimated themselves and down played their powers and talents to attract those princes and make them feel needed.  What guy can resist the damsel in distress?  The women in the stories who did end up speaking up for what they wanted were often shunned & rejected.  Those who lived up to their truest potentials and didn’t rely on anyone else even were sometimes called a witch.  Even if all they really were casting were shadows.

She found a tale that resonated with her.  One of a girl, who defied the standards of princesses.  the girl even dared to wear pants instead of dresses.  The girl made friends along the way as she fought to get to the castle to rescue her brother.  Yes she fought.  Yes she was the rescuer not the rescuee.  She passed on the offers & temptations of the perfect life in the perfectly floating bubble with the magical prince.  The girl made friends unlike herself along the way. She stayed true to herself & knew that power lied within.  No one had power over her without her permission.  She couldn’t control others’ actions, but she did control her reactions.

Empowered with a sense of a new breed of princess, she lived life on her own terms.  She went through life making choices based on her own heart & her own goals instead of trying to fit into the molds laid out before her of what “should be”.  She held on to her dreams.

But alas some days it felt that she was trapped in her own castle.  Sometimes she even wished to be rescued by some handsome prince.  She played with her animal friends & reminder herself how lucky she was to not be tied down to the standards. Lived in the moments & followed her bliss.

Still part of her longed to meet her match.  The one person in the world who would see her for her true self & love her for it.  The one being that would accept her and not try to change her.  The one man who would stand beside her in a fight rather than try to hide her away & suppress her abilities.  One who by connecting with, would be lifted up as much as she in their meeting.

After many encounters with princes (& paupers who acting in no way princely), she began to wonder what it all was really worth?

But deep down, the little princess that still lived alive & well within reminded her that without hope, nothing was possible & that only by keeping dreams alive would they ever come true.

So will there be a happily ever after?


the real question is will there be a prince? that is still to be determined.

One thing was for sure.  The princess came from a long line of lucky ladies who managed to find the one true loves that were determined to be by their sides til the end come what may.  This thought alone gave her the most hope in the darkest days. That & she was empowered with a beautiful gift.  She had been taught along the way by these couples that no matter what happens she was worth waiting for.  She was blessed beyond settling for anything less than perfect (& that she would be the one to see it as perfect, complete with all its flaws).  Self love would get her everywhere.

…..& for that she was eternally grateful & knew she would eternally be loved.

Trust in your dreams

So today was a bit hard.

Changes in the works & its pretty scary at this point.

I am one of those people who always wants her safety net & never even really entertained the idea of tight rope walking, because why would you risk it?

But I guess I can’t say I’m that girl anymore.

Sometimes you just have to trust.

Especially when life seems to be slapping you in the face with signs!

Seriously... the others from this bunch have been silly fluff, yet I get these while others get told to wear a new hat to change their looks.

Like the fortune cookies for the past couple of days!

So I’m stressed.

I’m in a twin bed longing for the bigger, softer bed, but tomorrow is another day.

This is a growing period.  Going to stress less (when I learn how to, fake it til I can make it!) & take more chances.

I will never get to where I want to be by standing still.

Also it helps to have love & support.  Its great to have people to remind me that I am who I am & that is exactly who I should be.  Sometimes the negativity just makes you forget.

But not with looks like these!


love my Baxter, even when he makes funny faces!

…. also feeling really grateful for free classes through the local community college & for a friend to join me for them.  Tonight’s was on Starting a Not For Profit.  Something we both have been dreaming about for a while.  Not sure the timing is right to completely getting going, but its a great distraction right now & it is a perfect time to get the ball rolling & some of the details started!

Let the dreams take flight!