Stormy Winds of Change

Whatever the reason today has been a whirl wind.

Complete with a storm rolling in that has wind gust wild enough to make one imagine there is a chance of seeing munchkins and a few golden bricks by the end of it all.

I HAD to go enjoy a few moments of feeling the power of it all.  Just seemed a fitting way to wind down from today.  Nature is incredibly enchanting in times like these.  Pure invisible force pushing all around you, whipping things not normally taken to flight!  Its not every day you can just stand still and let the gust tangle your hair & sway you around.  A bit like its all taking you over and swirling off the old to sprinkle in the new.

Emotions blew all over the place today.  Work went from a tad sentimental, to thrilled to be over and done with one attitude, to protective of the friends I’ve made, to scared the choice I made was too rash, to knowing what I have to do is follow my heart.  Moments I never wanted to leave the place that allows me to have Baxter there by my side everyday & with people who trust me even in my final days there.  Course then there was the being accused of not doing my job when clearly it was the set up by not giving me the paperwork I had asked for repeatedly.  I even felt a bit sad in the realization that in those “lil snafus” that person finds validity in his position.  It happens more when the boss is favorable.  Like he wants to make sure the boss is all his.  Oh well.  I am grateful not to have to continue to face those challenges and that the only insecurities will be my own for a little while.

Learning more & more about someone I am getting closer and closer too & still scared to death to open up too much of my life.

So it was time for one of my favorite activities….


Even if I didn’t have the cash.  (which for the record I only spent $11.08 today!)

Pottery Barn was the highlight of the excursion.  So much potential there of what could be.  Also loved overhearing a couple of employees talking about interior design theories.  I really wanted to jump in & say “so tell me how long do I have to see Lucite chairs before they go back out of style?” but I just silently listened & dreamed over the mirrors and rugs and all the other stuff tempting me to just move right into the store.   Thankfully my dream bed wasn’t there, otherwise I doubt I would have left!

might be called the Amelie, but I think it should be the ALI

Oh to be crawling into a queen size version that with my jersey sheets & purple down comforter…

I lurved this mirror too.

It has lil stars nestled into the center spots where the lines meet.  Cute huh?

& giggled when I saw these.  Thought they were for some dollhouse somewhere, but they are actually salt & pepper servers!


adorable!  Not quite my style but the tiny size just added such a element of whimsy I couldn’t resist taking a moment to dream about them!

Now I’m home, relaxing listening to all the wind, rain & thunder.  Feeling pretty lucky to live here & get to listen to storms like this.  Nothing like knowing tomorrow all the dirt & crud will be washes away & life will be like new.  Fresh starts all over.

Bonus, I saw this online…

adoring this light! WAY too large for my space, but reminds me of the full moon.  Can you imagine dining in a room with the full moon hanging to light the way? Bliss.

I do have to wonder about that big chair? Was it needed for an extra guest? or is there someone with a massive ego that MUST have a special comfy chair for his? Seems odd to me.  So many stories could be played out in this scene, but for me the light steals the whole thing.

So on to snuggle with a certain lil pug & wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Whatever it may be, its going to be what’s best.  I have faith in things are all happening as they should be.


Spice it Up

A few post back I shared my discovery of a spice blend with pepper & lime.

LOVED Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Lime Pepper & its still finding ways to make regular meals better than regular. Seriously the stuff it can do to a simple chicken breast is magic.

Years ago I learned Lawery’s Seasoning Salt was for more than Chex Mix.  It was pretty amazing on french fries.

Steak seasoning has rocked my world in so many ways.

I still giggle thinking about a Kendra episode where she goes on & on about the Slap Yo Mama seasoning! It was a joke for a while.  Still have yet to try it.

Just makes me wonder what else is out there?

What other seasonings can I try to spice up my life with…