I Moved.

Curious & Curiosity - Disney

SURPRISE – I just got an UPGRADE!

I have officially moved the blog. While the address for this site previously was http://www.AliMoonGoddess.com, I have moved hosting servers & now http://www.AliMoonGoddess.com is still going to take you to my posts, but you may need to update your links.

The old site has gone back to the freebie address that originally started this journey – http://www.tasteofmoongoddess.wordpress.com.

Wanted to make sure that anyone who still wanted to follow along can. I’ve grown and want more control over the layouts & what can be done with this page, so had to take the step up. I’m learning as I go so at the moment it doesn’t look like much, but I promise it will soon.

Thank you for all the love that I found here.
Please join me if you haven’t already at www.AliMoonGoddess.com.

Lots of love & light,


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