Almost there.


For the first time in my life, I let Halloween pass me by without even wearing a single costume. Weird. BUT I ended up voting & got the “I Voted” sticker that day so I am just going with the idea that I dressed as a voter part of the day. The real excitement came when I decided to meet up with a friend to people watch downtown & had my car battery go out on me. Always something. This adulthood stuff is entirely overrated for sure.

Next year, it is on. There will be a costume on this body. Clearly I am punished when I don’t celebrate. To the tune of bumming a ride, a tow truck & the installation of a new battery!

Who knows where next year will find me.

This year turned out to be nothing like I would have imagined last year. This morning I woke & stepped on the scale to see I am one pound short of being 50 lbs less than I started this year at. Part of me is amazed & thrilled. The other just is embarrassed & confused how I ever got that much extra weight to be able to loose in the first place!

All that matters is the here & now I guess. Can’t change the past.

Grateful for friends who inspire & family who support me.

& healthier versions of temptations I once loved, like crustless low carb pumpkin pie.

Made it yesterday & it is indeed delicious. I may survive Thanksgiving after all!





One thought on “Almost there.

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that let Halloween slip by me. I can only take solace in all the half off chocolate that I’ve begun to hoard. So checking out the low-carb recipes!! Thanks for the note, and happy to meet a fellow NC blogger!!

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