As of now.

Crazy to think that 2014 is over half over already.


My final (hopefully) semester has started. Stores are starting to make space or put out holiday decorations. NFL preseason games are underway & less than a month til the season officially starts up. Life just keeps flying by with no sign of slowing down.

At this point eating the “new” way (reduced carbs, avoiding refined starches & sugars counting calories & watching portion sizes – more fresh, less fast food) feels right. I have managed to lose 25 pounds in the process. I don’t have a goal weight or size & am not focusing on the scale, but am very happy to see it go. My body will stop shedding when it gets to the place it is comfortable. Strong & healthy. The biggest goal is getting a better result from testing to be done in September. I know I will need to keep eating healthy to maintain the good results, but more than anything I want to be in a better place by my next birthday!

I will be.

Signed up for two 5ks in the next few months & will be volunteering at a 3rd!  Going back to the one that started it all – the Electric Run! Not sure what I will be doing, but it just felt right to volunteer for this one. Excited to get back into the swing of it all.

As for THE distraction list, no where near where I thought I would be. Guess I have distracted myself well enough without it. Still hoping to strike off more by the end of the year. Still 21 out of a 100 isn’t bad.

One big distraction continues to be reading. Have completed 34 out of my goal of 40 for this year. Looks like I will surpass my goal again this year! Sad thing is there is just too much that I want to read. I will never have enough time to get through them all and each day more are released. Add in the homework needed for class & my eyes are threatening to go cross eyed.

Life feels a little surreal with the fear and chaos in Ferguson, death of Robin Williams and the conversations about suicide and depression it has spurred and recently a friend I went to high school with lost her mother, which brought up old feelings. All normal & I can recognize that. Wish I could change any of them, but all I can do is stay true to me. Grateful for the safety and good times I have, the help I get in maintaining my own sanity as best I can & the memories that make me smile.

Life will keep speeding up as the days get shorter, but there are still 24 hours in each of those days. Luckily I’m still able to shape them in whatever way feels best. Which means more beach days & time with my nephew….

& PANTHERS football!

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons




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