the 10 Day YOU Challenge: 3

There are days you have it together and then there are days like yesterday.

Couple of friends had posted about having “adventure days” on Facebook & half way through the day I wanted to cry out “But I didn’t want an adventure day!” but of course I was. Had planned to spend the morning at the beach, but rain canceled that plan. Rain yet the neighbors STILL had the roofers pounding away nonstop on their house.. so no sleeping in. Got up and moving completely unmotivated to do much. Lunch flopped, but I ate it anyway. First mistake.

Took out the trash that stunk like the awful “alfredo” I tried to make & was greeted with a sight I am thankfully not accustomed to: 2 undercover officers. No not for me, but that they were asking about my neighbors (no the roofing ones) didn’t give me much comfort. For some reason the insessant pounding & knowing that something was about to happen just made me surge into good ole GTFO of there mode.

So I did. Baxter had just been outside, so it was a quick change of clothes & I was out. Panic attacks have a way of speeding you up. In the rush, I left behind the pedometer I have been addicted to, so no clue how much I walked but a few laps around the mall (no shopping because frankly there isn’t that much interesting left there). Wandered around a few other places & it was time to head over to a friend’s place. We had agreed to check out Guardians of the Galaxy (which I loved!) and have a summer roll night since we are both on a kick. At least that part of the night was on track & was calming. The movie had me cracking up actually! Some hilarious lines. Seriously where else can you hear someone put a guy in their place with “I will not succumb to your pelvis sorcery”? Yes I want that on a tank top!

Haven’t had a lot of panic attacks recently so I got pissed off that I actually had one. Even debated if I was actually having a heart attack & might need to head to the hospital just in case. Being told I needed to get healthier has me scared I guess. I’m a pro at these attacks. Haven’t worried about that in years! They feel similar from what I hear but usually I can tell myself to chill, maybe take a pill & heart issues don’t even cross my mind. So what was different this time? No clue.

But I did figure out why it started. The police presence. The neighbors. The banging. The fact that neighbors have died next door after being shot, even if it was years & years ago, still evidently haunts me. There were no guns drawn. No swat uniforms or loud angered yelling. Not so much as even a blue light. Only way I knew there were police or anything wrong, was the badges on the belt & brief chatting with them. Grateful I don’t know much about my neighbors so not much for me to tell.

I’m over this drama.

Adventure days are over rated.



What perfect timing. Thanks to rainy weather here again I have watched 3 movies in the last 24 hours.  Yes I do need to get out of the house & do something today but for fun not escape.

& I completely was bad calorie wise & treated myself to a small popcorn (no salt or butter added) & a small coke at the theater… so basically I had a 2 liter of soda and a carload of popcorn. Those sizes are out of control. Felt nauseous before the 40 minutes of ads were over before the movie started!

3. Sharknado 2: the Second One

2. Guardians of the Galaxy (mmm. Groot’s voice!)

1. Cottage Country

2 thoughts on “the 10 Day YOU Challenge: 3

  1. Don’t you just hate it when your day doesn’t start the way you would like it to, then it just continues to spiral out of control! Then something as simple as smelly trash just puts you off in a bad mood. :\

    As for the early morning, rain enduring roofers! It seems odd to me that the company didn’t send over a representative to inform you they would be working at those hours. At least the neighbor could have talked to you!

    Anyways I’m glad that Guardians of the Galaxy was able to end your day on a good note! 🙂

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