the 10 Day YOU Challenge: 6


So six places…  vague topics sometimes stump me. Is it six places I would like to never end up? Six places I have been? Six places with special memories? Six places I currently frequent? Six places I avoid like the plague? Six places I should be instead of online right now? So many ways to take this, which I guess makes it great for bloggers. Still I sat thinking on the beach more time than I should have on this one. The pelicans & gulls distracting me didn’t help much. Hey six places they sleep during hurricanes?


Perhaps I need to spend more time traveling and less time conversing with laughing gulls. Nah. They are just too much more pleasant and jovial than many people. Course I find spending days watching waves roll in & popping in & out of the salty sea helps my mood too.


6. Disneyland – because if it is anything like Walt Disney World, I will fiercely love it & treasure every moment. I’m a sucker for some Disney magic!

5. St Somewhere – An island is the Caribbean calls.

4. Tibet – the mellow peace of this place & its displaced people would be something that I am sure would stick with me for life. The scenes I have viewed in pictures & the interactions I have had in past with the monks certainly will always have a place in my heart. Any culture that has the patience to create sand mandalas simply in order to show their thanks to life, has a lot to teach me. Not sure what I would do to be able to sit in the mist & silently watch prayer flays flap in the winds.


3. Greece – in particular the ancient ruins of the temples. Just so much history there and so many tales that I have grown up with. The land of the goddesses and gods has to be a very interesting place to spend time dreaming & seeing the remnants of history.

2. Puerto Rico – beautiful island where I don’t even need a passport? Not sure I would leave. Have a feeling the charm of the sights, food & people would be too much of a lure on me. Looks amazing & I hear the mangos are HEAVEN, but then again that has also been said about the mangos in my final place I would like to visit…

1. Thailand – seriously in love with almost every picture I have seen of Thailand. The beauty of the whole place just seems unmatched. Perhaps this is a place I lived in a wonderful former life or is destined to be a future heaven for me. Dunno but with sights like the temples & the coast, you just have to be in awe.

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