Made it thru Arthur & Independence Day

Grass is Greener

Oh life…

You never stop surprising me.  The grass might look greener on the other side, but we know home would be a lush tropical garden if you just work the land you own.

Although at the moment my yard is looking like a storm blew through. Namely one named Arthur.


No biggie other than the alarms scaring the crud out of me a few times.

A bigger pain was trying to get through the traffic jams & then find a spot on the beach during a holiday. Not sure why I felt the need to test the unwritten rule that locals give up the beaches to tourists for holidays in exchange for bringing cash to the local community. Thought about visiting the family, but after the storm passed all I wanted to do was get outside & relax on the sand. Thankfully I found the time and space.


Been in a funk lately. A few old wounds reopened & several new ones just still need time to heal. Guess feeling them helps to heal them but I’m so over the pain.  Spending time alone helps plus no one needs to deal with a case of bitchitus. I hear it is highly contagious. Thus the holiday quarantine. Had a few plans with friends but there are days you know it is in everyone’s best interest to just bow out & relax. Spent my Independence Day independently watching the sun set and enjoying the new place I have found myself in. Wondering where I will be next year and if again it will be spend in solitude. Certainly isn’t my favorite holiday & losing my grandfather on it decades ago didn’t help, but I can appreciate it now and then… alone.

Grateful to live in a country where I can do this & grateful to have found my place in the sun.

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