The Return of the Sweet Tea

Lately I wake up (& yes I am sleeping… feels awesome!) and think “beach”. Thankfully I have been lucky  enough to get up & get there before the crowds & the real heat arrives.

Yesterday caught me dragging a bit more than usual so instead of breakfast at home, I grabbed an egg & cheese bagel on the way. No biggie, but what was big was when I ordered it, I also ordered a small iced tea, SWEET iced tea! Completely out of habit & being half asleep. Part of me thought “did I just say sweet or unsweet?” When the cup arrived & I took the first sip, I knew the mistake I had made. SWEET.

Funny thing was, I didn’t like it.

My dreams of accidentally being given sweet when I order unsweet are shattered. I made the mistake, but it just wasn’t as rewarding as expected. Tasted like syrup. I barely got down a couple of sips before deciding that wasn’t going to work anymore. I tossed it. This was tea I used to find some of the best anywhere. What is happening to me?


For one thing, I have energy again. Like as in I WANT to do more.

Yesterday watching the kids splash around riding boogie boards in with the waves as I walked around & swam a little got me thinking. I wanted to paddle out & ride the waves in too. So I splurged on a body board! Ok splurged as in got the cheapest one I could find that was the right size. Perk of living at the beach is there is always somebody trying to sell them somewhere cheap. I’m not going pro, so no need for the $100 boards.

It was bliss!  I floated watching the waves roll in & picking the ones I thought would push me the fastest. Held my ground & paddled through the others. Found out that it isn’t as easy to do as it looks sometimes but it is a lot of fun!  More than I remembered it being as a kid. Even got to watch as a couple of pods of dolphins passed by sending fish flying up out of the water ahead of them now & then! It was beautiful.

What wasn’t so awesome was having a large umbrella/tent whack me in the head as I was laying on a towel letting the sun dry me out afterwards! Had my eyes closed so I didn’t even see it coming. No one yelled “heads up”, “incoming” or anything although they were apologetic as they retrieved it. No harm done, but just adds to the hatred of those stupid things.

Seems like every family has to plop one up. I get how it helps some who truly need to stay out of the sun, but lets face it not everyone who is putting them up needs to be. Half the time I see one, not a soul is under it. They deposit their load of everything but the kitchen sink, then head off to run around or sit in a chair directly in the sun.

You shouldn’t be sitting in the sun all day anyway. It is seriously hot out there & even if you bring a cooler of ice cold water, you can take a break. For kids especially they should take breaks. I can’t stand to see the really small babies out for hours with someone holding them & their parents thinking it is fine because they have a tent. Shade saves all. NO. You are still holding a baby who can’t regulate their body temperatures & doesn’t have the option to go inside on their own or take a dip in the cool water, heck they can’t even say that they are hot. Also what right do you have to spread out all over the beach? I have my towel, maybe 6 feet by 2.5 feet, these campgrounds spread out all over the place. Just rude. I’m starting to see why some beaches are banning them. People just have lost common sense.

Just another reason to get my butt up off the beach & into the water more I guess. As if I need an excuse! As for me I will pack lightly & take back everything I bring. In this heat I don’t stay longer than a couple of hours. I can always come back later if I want to.


I’m going to be sad when these days come to an end. Til then I am savoring every second.




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