the 10 Day YOU Challenge: 8




8. Cockroaches. Yuck…enough said.

7. Clowns. They are super creepy. Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, John Wayne Gacy, they are just all psycho. Ronald McDonald seems to be one of the worst serial killers ever with the health crisis in this country & everything being supersized. No adult man should be wearing that much makeup unless they are a drag queen. No. Just NO.


I remember one of the car dealerships that was on a main road we traveled often had a animatronic clown that waved as you passed by that creeped me out so much I always ducked down as we passed.

6. Crowds. The agoraphobia is certainly under control better than it has been in a long time, but large masses of random people in one place just unnerve me. Too unpredictable and you can’t really watch out for everyone. Never know what will happen. I just don’t trust people enough I guess.

5. Nomophobia. Thanks to a recent post on mental floss I have learned the name for this one. What is nomophobia? Fear of being out of mobile phone contact! NO BARS. None. Not even if something horrible happens & you need to call 911. Scary place.

Thanks to Mental Floss for making me more aware.

4. Public speaking. I’m pretty sure most people are with me on this one. Always feel like I am going to say something that leaves everyone looking at me like my eyebrows just feel off my face or my mind will just completely blank leaving me with nothing sensical to say at all. (Is sensical a word? Nonsensical is so I’m going with it. Why? Because my mind blanked out on what the more intelligent choice would be.)

3. Needles. I know they are needed & safe, but they just send me to a place of feeling woozy & sick just at the thought. Blood is the same. Thankfully I am getting better about not passing out everytime.

2. That I will forget memories & experiences from the past. Times with my mom, stories she told, family history that I didn’t pay much attention to as a kid.

1. Dying alone or worse falling ill & being alone through the process. Everyone deserves someone by their side through life. While we may venture out and be strong on our own in the middle, we all depend on others at the beginning and end of this adventure called “Life”. I don’t fear death at all actually, but I do fear being stuck in the transition or losing the ability to communicate & move. Just torture.


& now I get to try to fall asleep after writing this post. What was I thinking?

Fear of Nightmares & Night Terrors perhaps should have made the list.

Just have to remember this afternoon & my time visiting a favorite spot. Nothing scary about that at all!


Or maybe I just need to relax & keep reading the book I started today, Pug Hill. Loving it so far. Could easily be one of those that I get wrapped up in and forget the world.


Clearly I don’t fear really huge sunglasses. ha ha


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