the 10 Day YOU Challenge: 10

Weekends with the family are the best.

I am missing my beach time, but watching this guy laugh through life is so worth it.


Perhaps not the best for eating, but I am making it work thanks to apps that help me track calories, carbs, sugar & all that good stuff. I am dreaming of what I am going to make once I get back into my own kitchen, but I can wait a couple of days.

Also had finally had my “sweet” tea. Found some liquid stevia that seems to be safe ingredients, no dextrose or other ose in sight. Still searching for some sweet leaf & an actual stevia plant, but it was really great to satisfy my craving & subdue my caffeine withdraw headache. (I forgot the sugar free coffee creamer!)

I have seen this a couple of places, but when I read Runner Girl Eats post I just thought why not? I find these things fun.

So next few posts will be the 10 Day YOU Challenge. Care to join along?



1. I’m at a point where I really am starting to need new pants. I can’t even tell you how many times I am having to tug to avoid sagging or the plumber look while down playing with the kido!

2. Before I left town I stopped into a store & picked up a new tank top (on a discounted sale), a frame to give my Dad for Father’s Day (sssh it’s still a secret but he has started putting up more family pictures so it works – & it was 50% off!) and a pair of shorts a size down from what I was in (also discounted) PLUS I had a 15% off coupon.  When I got to the register the guy couldn’t get over my hair. After looking at the receipt (here) I realize it wasn’t that I saved so much in discounts that my total was so low… he forgot to ring up my shorts!  Felt awful, but after confessing to a couple of friends we decided I wasn’t at fault, taking them back would get him in trouble (because I doubt I would be able to find him again) & I probably would look really suspicious.  I’m starting to get used to the idea but what do you do? Tags are off & tossed. It’s awkward but feels great to have them fit right.

purple hair perks?

purple hair perks?

3. My Dad has a pool at his house that I haven’t been in for probably a decade. Wasted opportunities? This will change this weekend.  Brought the swimsuit.

4. Although I usually enjoy the series that everyone else raves about, I just don’t get the Breaking Bad hype. I tried several episodes but just couldn’t get into caring about it at all.

5. I joke about the dreaded Friday the 13th, Full Moon thing, but honestly I don’t think 13s are unlucky & Friday the 13th is usually a pretty good day for me. This one is keeping that trend. It is fun to see the postings & hear the tales.

6. Even though it has been over a year & we knew it was coming, it still hits me hard seeing my Mom’s death certificate. Had to take her off an account today & need to show proof she had passed with the certificate. It just gets to me. I can see her picture, the bed, the grave… but those words just cut.

7. It seriously scares me the way that you can take some vitamins and almost immediately your pee turns into a color typically only reserved for highlighters and glow sticks.

8. I’m seriously thinking about adding a new pet to the family. This one doesn’t have feathers or fur, but just melts my heart. Keeping my eyes open & learning everything I can to decide, but they are adorable. Know there will be pictures if it happens!

9. I have NO tattoos. This surprises people for some reason. Honestly it seems like everyone has them. At this point, I enjoy being the untouched canvas. Plus I just could never decide what I would want where for THAT long.

10. After a few not so great dates recently, I am still hopeful. No clue why I am still hopeful but I am. Everything I have endured screams just give up already but I’m enjoying getting to know a couple of people and even the less than ideal contacts still do have their moments. Some are just hilarious. Although I stay polite (unless it is just crude) & am staying open minded. I still have standards or rather I have upped my standards. Who knows what I am doing, certainly not me, but I am just taking life day by day and moment by moment. What will be will be.

So what are your secrets?



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