So in my dream…

Trying something new.

Last night I embraced the dreams. Skipped the ambien, partially because I was exhausted from getting back from a weekend with the family late. Decided to just see what messages came.


Woke up sideways in the bed this morning.

Good thing I slept alone. Baxter didn’t seem to mind.  His lil pug butt just seemed happy I was waking up & ready to snuggle.  Guess I didn’t get too crazy because he didn’t try to wake me.

One dream in particular stuck with me.

A friend appeared and the messages were very clear. Still seems slightly crazy but what the hell. I am close to this friend and for once, I would rather relay my thoughts than have them haunt me. I have no desire to continue this dream. So even thought it didn’t seem to fit, I reached out & asked if everything was going ok.

Turns out life has indeed taken a turn much like presented in the dream.

So I passed along the impressions & apologized for seeming strange. Actually this particular person pretty much already knew that I am strange, but I opened up anyway. Hoping it helps.  …them as much as me. The nagging feeling at least has passed. Now I just worry. About the situation & the impression the person has of me & my mental health.

A big part of the dream dealt with who we are.

Strip away the house, the job, the relationships, the things, the race, religion, gender & even the physical body and what are we left with? What piece is us?

If we let go of what is expected of us, both by others and by ourselves, who are we? … and if we find out, do we like this soul?

Got me thinking a lot about everything. If we let go of all that hold us or pushes us, where are we? Maybe that is what we need to figure out in this life. Less about achieving goals and acquiring things, but more about defining us. Sure the relationships, positions and things can help us learn more about who we are, but many times the take over and we forget the core of this life.

Maybe we need the distractions in order to not go crazy. The pleasures of the connections and achievements help to relax us. Maybe the detour us. Who knows?

So new plan. Test the boundaries.

Trust in me.

Trust in intuition and guidance that makes no sense but feels exactly like what is right.

Trust in something bigger than all I know.

(think this is Shel Silverstein)

(think this is Shel Silverstein)


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