grassy ass ….no. It is “gracias”.


Primer día de nuestra tratando de aprender español está en marcha. (Day One of our trying to learn spanish is underway.)

Oh what the mind forgets & yet once knew.  Long drives in the car spark some killer conversations sometimes. Most recently Mr Man & I discussed goals and decided we both want to learn spanish.  I can still understand some, but have always been better at reading & hearing than speaking and he never learned. Over the years my lack of practice or being around anyone who speaks spanish has lead me to forget a lot.  So we decided together we are going to learn the language. Just seems like a smart project & as they say two heads are better than one.  Guessing when it comes to languages, this is especially true.  So here come the flashcards & lots of google translate fun.  Fingers crossed.

So far speaking only in spanish to him when he came home from lunch was just a bit hilarious.  Thinking he forgot it was day one.  Yeah THAT funny of a look.

I foresee a lot of “Como se dice….?” in my life!



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