Oh Winter.

The second week of February is not my favorite week of the year.

I knew last week was going to be a tough one.

From the moment we said goodbye to Mom & all the sadness of last year, we knew to expect the anniversary to be trying. Hard to think about how one moment she was here, the next gone forever. Kept thinking this time last year, she was here. I spoke with her on the phone. I held her hand. Brushed her hair. Then she wasn’t there. Just like that it all ended.

Never would I have expected it to go the way it did.

Instead of traveling to be with my Dad & start some annual traditions in memory or keep him distracted some how, I ended up stuck at home. The distractions it seemed were very memorable of the memorial. It snowed at her funeral and it REALLY snowed for the anniversary. Dad was ecstatic and seemed to do just fine. He always has enjoyed snow.

I on the other hand got no snow,  not that I wanted any. Just pure ice. Enough ice to knock out the power and create a nightmare to me.

Thankfully I had by my side one of the sweetest, most resourceful companions I could have.  He distracted me and helped me stay warm despite the lack of heat. The new truck enabled us to get out a bit more safely to find wood, food and hot showers at friends’ places. We haven’t lost power many times and never expected to for a winter storm so we hadn’t prepared. The load of laundry mid-wash that sat in water was a good example of how we thought we were just spending a day at home waiting out the weather.

Outside the area looked like we had been hit by a weird frozen hurricane. But not a single snowflake. Inside it was cold, dark and the exact opposite of how I like to live. The candles helped some as well as a deck of cards. We used the cars to charge the phones and warm up when the fire died down, but I still worried that I was going to lose not just the fridge full of food but worried that the parrots wouldn’t survive the temperatures. Surprisingly they did well bundled up in their cage although I am sure they wondered why they were being punished or forgotten. Baxter on the other hand seemed to love having all the blankets to cuddle in and the steak straight from the fireplace was a dream come true.

For me it seemed to be a series of what could go wrong did and while it was more frustration than tragedy, my nerves couldn’t take it.  Meltdowns moments ensued.

Valentine’s day came and even with a man I love, I really didn’t feel much like celebrating.  As romantic as it normally sounds, spending a night cuddling fireside was the last thing I wanted to do after doing it to stay warm during the week. Trying to dolled up to have dinner in a crowded restaurant seemed impossible. Dark bathroom, dark bedroom and dark spirits had me feeling like just staying in my 4 layers and forgoing even trying. Mr Man knew that I wasn’t looking for the stereotypical over the top heartfest. We had already talked about the insanity of the stress of trying to get jacked up prices of flowers (my view, not his) and he knew that was the last thing I wanted.

I was out charging the phone, grabbing a warm meal and enjoying heated seats I never thought I would need, when he called to say that my valentine was waiting at home. My mind immediately thought -he got roses after all and felt horrible that I had spoken my mind about the custom. Nearly cried when I walked through the door to find a new beautiful bike in front of the fireplace with a box of chocolates!

The man gets me.

My first thought was “why a bike?” because I hadn’t hinted for one. Then I realized we had talked about cycling around together. I had borrowed his to ride around the court and felt like a kid again. Thought about trying to see about getting my Mom’s ancient bike to try to fix up, but I had long forgotten about that conversation. He hadn’t.

So although some girls might not think of it as romantic, I couldn’t imagine much more. Another reason why I love this man. During one of the darkest times, he manages to pull out the kid in me and inspire me.

Turns out Valentines was a beautiful day after all.  The power came back on just before 5 pm so hot showers and warm beds greeted us at the end. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at home after dumping the contents of the fridge. 54 hours without power even in freezing temperatures and I wasn’t about to trust that everything was safe. Perhaps we should have just put it all outside instead? Fridge needed cleaning anyway I guess.

We all survived.  Even the load of clothes thanks to a few tricks.

Hoping next year is far less eventful.

Not sure I can take another like last years or this one. Wears a gal out.

Need I even say that I really don’t like winter?  Dreaming of days where the only ice I see stays inside of glasses to keep whatever I am drinking cool and places where power doesn’t feel so critical.  Bring on Spring!


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