That’s No Snow

For all those friends and family members who were praying & begging to see their winter wonderlands, they got their dose.  Just not quite like they had expected or hoped.   We got a massive dumping of pure ICE.


Heavy.   Slippery.   Dangerous.


It was enough to shut down schools even at the college levels from Tuesday to Friday, when it finally started to melt.  The whole city was an ice skating rink.

While I was quite content to stay inside and hibernate in my grumpiness, Mr Man was having none of that.  He was determined not to let some frozen water stop his fun.  He missed one day of work and pulled me out to explore.  Even ended up playing a bit and taking a turn sliding down the street.  I trusted his confidence in his driving skills and judgment and against my instincts let him drag me around town from the river to the ocean to see the town in an entirely different light.


I dare say I had fun.

Doesn’t mean I want any more winter weather but I admit it wasn’t as bad here as it could have been.  The terror that happened in and around Atlanta was a nightmare, but thankfully we didn’t deal with those issues.

Worst part was completely slipping as I walked across the street to the car and hearing a crowd of people from the bar giggle, which I joined in doing.  Nearly flipped completely.  My rear end certainly remembers it well but I’m hoping soon it will forgive and forget & feel normal again.  Always spreading smiles I guess! Could have been a lot worse.

Best part was enjoying a few hands of cards and a bottle of wine in front of a warm fire Mr Man insisted on making.  He truly does know how to make life better and for that I am truly grateful.



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