No Singles Needed

Adjusting to living with someone has its funny moments.  In a lot of ways we get so comfortable we forget we are still learning about each other.  The fact that Mr Man and I were friends for a long time before just intensifies this.  There is so much left to learn.


Like communication at times.

Yesterday (this whole weekend actually) wasn’t easy.  I skipped a couple of doses of meds due to poor planning on my part.  Combined with stress of wondering if we were going to be hit with 2 feet of snow and remembering exactly what was going on this time last year, left me with a migraine and not realizing just how many doses I had skipped.  Withdrawals are a bitch.  Thankfully a bit of time and a visit to the pharmacy got me back on track.   I was resting in the dark bedroom and ended up starting to feel better and noticed an email that made me want to sign up for a class coming up.

A lap dance class.  It is at the same studio I took the pole classes and since the price is cheaper, I thought it would be fun to get back into.  It is a fitness class.  A fun class.  Just women getting together and giggling while we move our bodies and have a blast.

Perhaps I should have shared the email, but instead I yelled into the other room where he was watching TV “Hey babe, wanna pay for me to go to a class?”  To his credit he answered “Absolutely” and came in the room.  “What class?”  looking back I realize he may have been thinking it was something we could do together.  My reply of “Lap dance class” caused his face to completely change from one of interest to confusion and slight suspicion.


After a few pauses he slowly asked “and who would you be doing lap dances for? are you planning on doing this for money?” ….which is when it hit me how strange it all must have seemed to him.  I explained it was for fun & with the studio where I took pole classes and assured him it would only be him seeing the finished results.  Not planning on adding it to my resume or seek any career path that includes tips in g-strings!  It is just fun for me to get into it & feel my body, learn the moves and feel the confidence that it brings.  Got to love him.  The good natured guy just hugged me as I laughed.  He complimented me with letting me know he thought I could teach that class but if I wanted to go he would be happy to pay.

So I signed up.

I can only imagine what was going through his head in those moments before it all clicked and made sense.  How badly can I scare the poor guy.  Move in and in less than a month here I am asking for lap dance classes.  Oh we will laugh at these days later… & thankfully we can laugh at them now.

Which was exactly what I needed right now.  Laughter to sweep away the silence.

I may be missing the past, but there are times like these that help me feel excited about the future and thankful for what I have.


One thought on “No Singles Needed

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