Bravely Ask & Wildly Dream


Spent the morning dreaming of moving to warmer climates.  I know there are places much colder than where I am today, but knowing that there are warmer spots just makes me feel a certain wanderlust to move.

Is it a blessing or a torment that thru the internet you can easily locate apartments or places to rent almost any where in the world?

I’m a big believer in focusing on dreams.  Manifest what you think about.  It’s why I try so hard to think positive thoughts.  Doesn’t always work, but at times it does and if I am lucky it can change a bad time into a giggle fest or at least a smile.  Truth is it could always be worse.  The flip side of that coin is that it always can get better.  Just have to see the silver lining.

Looking back at a vision board I made last summer found me realizing that everything on that board has come into my life.  Not exactly the way I intended but it came true for me.  Example of why we should be careful what we ask for but we should always ask!

Did I create another vision board? You betcha.  With more wild dreams than I imagine will come true, but I’m not giving it any time limits.  Plus I always ask “this or something better” so who knows what this next year will bring!

All I can do is dream and strive.

That and be grateful for all I have.


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