Big 2014 Changes for Me

I started to do a post about what 2013 meant to me with memories from each month.  I started to do a resolutions post of all these changes I was planning to make to better myself.


But I didn’t.

Something kept stopping me.  I don’t even want to begin to relive 2013. Surviving it once was quite enough thank you.  Maybe another day after more time has passed.  Maybe it is just best left behind.

New challenges?  You better believe I am facing them head on.  Just not like every other year.  Instead of some list of things I am changing, I am changing how I am living.  Literally.

In fact as of last night even my bed has moved directions.  Destroyed the old waterbed frame and it has left the building along with all the old memories it had that needed to leave.  Very soon, the bed will be leaving the room & making way for a larger one which is needed.

See now there are three.  No longer just Baxter and me, but the new guy – er Mr Man, has moved in.


Sure it is a big change quick, but nothing will ever change unless you take chances.  For us, it seemed like good timing to give it a try.

I know it is a risk, but one I am willing to take right now with him.


So already 2014 is one strange, slightly scary year, but thankfully it is in a very good way.  What is even better is that I have support and love.  Never realize how important the daily things are.  The smiles in the morning, the hugs, the comfort of knowing that if you don’t make it home, someone is there to worry.   We both look forward to fixing up the house and changing it in ways for the better & thankfully he has the skills and tools to do it.   Great to dream ahead with someone and especially someone who is game to make them all come true together.

Exciting changes happening.

Hopefully things will settle down slightly soon and I will be able to blog a tad more, but right now it seems life is full steam ahead & I couldn’t be happier.


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