Things of Dreams

What a glimpse into why I take ambien?  Because my brain is insane.  It creates these wild experiences that sometimes I can grasp & understand.  Other times they don’t really have much rationality or reasoning.  At times either type can scare the crap out of me.

Case in point.  Last night around 3:13 am there may have been calls to 911 about a lady screaming because not only did I not take ambien to chase away the dreams, I also slept with the windows open all night.  So when I woke up screaming not only was the pug there looking at me trying to cuddle, I also realized that anyone within a couple of blocks probably could hear my wake up call.

So what was the one last night?


Muthafrukin snakes on my muthafrukin brain.


More specifically, copperheads.  Like A LOT of copperheads.  Everywhere I went there were these copperheads that seemed to be aware that I was in the area and dead set on finding me & crawling on me.  Like touching me.  Following me.  Not biting me thankfully but wanting to slide right up my leg around my arm & be held.  WTF.

Copperheads? Why the specific snake?  Why not just random ones?  It isn’t as if I have had one appear in my world recently, THANKFULLY!  They are native to this area & a few months ago I watched one slither around in a local park just living life.  Just gave it a wide berth.

Beautiful-brown-Copperhead-snake-photos (12)

I am not terrified of snakes, but at the same time I don’t really have the desire to be all buddy buddy with any of them.  As a kid I got into a lot of trouble for finding snakes & wanting to keep them.  The black or green snakes weren’t too bad, but anything brown sent my parents into hysterics.  I learned to leave them be.  Now water snakes… they do scare me senseless.  So that would have made more sense.  But nope there I was with a bunch of copperheads following me around like I was their favorite thing.


Doubt anyone has a pinterest board for copperheads.

Still it felt like one of those dreams that was trying to tell me something.  Add to the memories that stuck, all day I feel like out of the corner of my eye I am seeing (you guessed it) copperheads.

Random things like this bug me.  I know.  I’m nuts like that.

Still when something sticks, I check it out.

So why the copperhead? I turned to some dream interpretations to see what they had to say about it all.  Sexuality? no that didn’t really seem fitting.  I wasn’t bitten and wasn’t afraid of being bitten.  Just annoyed at the mass coming at me & well… that they were there period.   In some cultures the snakes protected the oracles and temples.  Servants of the earth goddess.

Then I found an explanation that resounded with me & seemed to be a better fit:

“As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive change” has the best fitting I found.  Several others seemed to agree that they symbolize transformation and great change in the works.

Others spoke of snakes as spirit animals that signified changes and needing to pay attention to where your energy is being used.  Healing and transformation aspects again.  (ah yes remember the snakes on the medical symbol?) A great change in life.  Shedding the past and moving to the future.  Now that sounds perfect!

So although it was a scary situation, I guess it has its place and message.  At least that is what I am going to choose to see it as.  Hopefully not as scary.

We shall see.

& hopefully I won’t be seeing anymore copperheads in my dreams or awake!

Reading too much into it all?  You betcha! But sometimes life can be fun like that.  Still I think I prefer a nice quiet, restful night of sleep.


6 thoughts on “Things of Dreams

  1. Two things:

    1. My sister’s husband had a snake when I lived with them for a few months. Little bastard bit me! My (now ex, for obvious reasons) boyfriend saw it and saw me not noticing it and didn’t stop it or warn me because he “wanted to see what would happen.”

    2. I woke up this morning and thought “Well they found a cure for albino-ism…but the real question is – does anyone want it?” Apparently “To see an albino in your dream represents purity or eternal life. You need to be more accepting and tolerant.” (I really didn’t think they would have anything about albinos…color me surprised.)

  2. Glad that EX is an EX! A heads up would have been nice, stopping it from happening would be even better. Some guys…

    Interesting about the albino-ism.
    & why is there a hyphen in the word? My spell checker did it too. Guess it really is just a unique situation all around.

    • Seriously! He was the worst…and I dated him way too long. The good news is, it didn’t really hurt. The bad news is, instead of that making me not fear snakes I now refuse to ever touch one again. Another fun story – I was at a summer camp when I was young and they actually had kids come up and LET A SNAKE BITE THEM so they would realize it didn’t hurt and therefore would no longer be scared of snakes. Even then I was like “This is dumb.”

      Apparently the correct term is “albinism”. Who knew?

  3. Venom from copperheads is not deadly, and when people die from copperhead snake bites it is due to an allergic reaction. People who are weak or either very old or very young may experience a significant impact on their body functions from a copperhead snake bite.

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