Foodie Pen Pals or How to Love the Mail again!

There are good days & then there are days where I just want to scream lately. More on that later. Thankfully today promises to be one incredible day & I am excited as can be. Again more on that soon.. With pictures!

Another great day happened a little while back, but today is the designated REVEAL DAY! I participated in my first FOODIE PEN PAL exchange & loved every moment of it. The idea is simple. You are paired up with a buddy from another area of the country & you both send packages that represent your area. Um… unique food goodies to try? yes please!  So glad that Lindsay, of the Lean Green Bean blog, started this a few years ago.  I may be late to the party, but I had a blast & will have to do it again soon.  She does this every month I believe.


Love a good shopping trip so the first part of this was completely fun. Also ended up being a bit of work. Turns out most of the local food I thought of when I thought of North Carolina or more specifically Wilmington, were more fresh food items & not great for traveling. Discovered a few new things I got to try myself. Double win!  There is a set money limit so you don’t go too crazy, but it can be tempting.  So many things I wanted to share with my pen pal.

So many things I was surprised by when my package arrived!


First there was a puzzle!  My pen pal, LoriAnn, and her daughter clearly had a blast putting together my box.  She has done the exchange before and had a few tricks to make it exciting.  She doesn’t have a blog or I would link you to it, but she does deserve a huge THANK YOU & I sincerely appreciate all the thoughts she put into making this a great experience.


My foodie pen pal ended up being from Indiana. A state I have yet to visit. We exchanged a few emails & discovered we both had some similar taste. We connected over Pumpkin Spice. This made the exchange even better.

so much good stuff!

so much good stuff!

Funny thing was we BOTH sent each other Pumpkin Spice K-cups!  Great minds think alike.

yes that is cherry jam from her favorite local farmers market!

yes that is cherry jam from her favorite local farmers market!


The homemade caramels were divine! Perfect start to fall for sure.  Also that U-no is going to haunt me! It was so good & one of those things that I have never seen before.  So light & airy.  Have yet to try the Turkish Taffy but I shared the popcorn with family!  Was a big hit.

The food may soon be gone, but the memories will remain & I will have to smile every time I use my purple spatula.  Also the recipes promise to bring new treats soon for me to try!

Looking forward to seeing what all the other packages contained & certain this won’t be my last Foodie Pen Pals experience.  Maybe you will join us too?

Sign ups details can be found over at the Lean Green Bean, here.


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