The FIRST Panthers game

Yesterday was the stuff I dream of.

The Panthers official season started again!  So exciting! Not only was it the first game of the season, but I was honored to be able to watch it along side my nephew.  As he turned 4 months, we shared his first Panthers game. He was engrossed in watching everything on the screen.  I explained the games, we discussed the players and cheered when things happened.  Sure he has no clue what we were doing, but I have that memory & will always be able to say I was there by his side.  I am one proud aunt for sure.

We did enjoy doing frustrated Cam impressions!  But we had a blast.

We did enjoy doing frustrated Cam impressions! But we had a blast.

Also am one proud PANTHER fan.

No we didn’t win & there were some sloppy plays, but there were also some great plays – Steve Smith carrying that ball into the end zone for the first touch down of the season was simply beautiful to my eyes.

Gives me chills knowing once again we are back in football season.  The season of pumpkin spice everything, leaves, cozy sweaters being optional and in this house, birthdays.  Holidays are right around the corner but for now it is just a time to relax and enjoy without the added chaos.  A calm lull of cooler temperatures and reflection.

Of course with the first game, also returns one of my biggest pet peeves.  The know it all so called fans.  Those people who analyze the plans made like they would have known to do better and had the ability to do better had they been down on the field in uniform.  Seeing news teams bash their local team annoys me the worst.  Forget being objective or even thoughts based on reality, they seem to only see the negatives & never remember the good.  Sure we had one player get ejected from the game…. so did the other team.  There are also new rules and new team mates adjusting.

I wore my #34 Williams jersey ALL day.

Before the game.  During the game.  Even proudly after the game.

Was I disappointed we didn’t win the game? Sure.  But we played.  During many of those plays we were ahead score wise and we looked good.  Sure there were moments I wish had gone differently & I never like to see injuries on any team, but I LOVE game day!  The game is for entertainment.  People are risking life & limb for entertainment ultimately.  No wars will end with the win or lives saved.  We watch & they play.  Simple as that.  You choose how to enjoy the game.  You can let everything stress you out or you can accept what has happened & look forward to the next one.


Celebrate or aggravate.

In the end, you effect yourself the most.

Something I posted this morning on facebook sums it up for me.

OK here is the deal:

You are a “fan”, or “news”caster, or someone typing crap on a screen… SHUT THE FUKUP ALREADY. or be realistic! It is ONE GAME. ONE. ONE OF MANY IN A SEASON. Only one team wins each game, it is a 50/50 shot for ANY team playing. Every team loses a few. This negative shittalking is annoying. You go play that game & do better.

OR better yet pick another team.

SUPPORT. Yesterday is over. You better believe that there are guys who wish they had played a play differently, but they played. Any game day is better than a day without a game. Look forward to the next game. Realize how awesome we truly are & know that NO ONE has won next week’s game yet. It is ours for the taking. Be PROUD.

I know I am.

yesterday, today & tomorrow

In the end, I have a smile on my face knowing the season is back and extremely excited to see my nephew grow over the next few months.  Should be fun seeing him become more aware.  Never know we may be able to make it side by side to his first live game at Bank of America Stadium.


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