What day is it? GAME DAY!

What a difference a few days make.

This time last week I was off with my Dad exploring Blue Ridge mountains & listening to him relive day trips with Mom.  He always drove to let her look, so this time I drove (most of the time) & let him enjoy the view.  Last picture he took of her was on Mount Mitchell & it was calling him back for a visit.


Following days were filled with family & football fun.


Which brings me to today when the excitement really begins – time to kick off preseason PANTHERS football!

so ready!

so ready!

I am so happy I can’t stand it.

Course this is the true test of if ditching cable works for me.  So far there is a little bit of doubt. My antenna came yesterday & in hooking it up I discovered how ancient my TV sets are.  They don’t recognize the digital signals.  So I need a converter but that won’t be here til AFTER tonight’s game.  It is August.  Not so bad.  I’ve gone since January without cable.  Longer than I thought I would but this is the real test.

Thankful for friends who are going with me out to see the game.

Breaking the no games out rule this once.  Hopefully the people there won’t be too distracting from the plays & I will deal with not being able to hear much.   Test of my patience I’m sure.  All a new experience.




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