2 smoothies, 4 salads.

That is what it takes to finish off an entire bag of spinach around here evidently. I’m on one heck of a serious spinach kick.  They were buy one get one free so I did.  Easy peasy.  Getting down to the bottom of the 2nd bag.

So far the challenge of a salad a day is going awesome! one the first day, 2 the second,then a lunch one, another yesterday & then lunch while I blog.  I am loving them.

IMG_20130717_193924 IMG_20130718_121400 IMG_20130718_174502 IMG_20130719_121046 IMG_20130720_192450

Ok confession.

Maybe not loving them as much as I was the first couple of days.  In fact today;s, well it actually may not have been technically a salad.


BUT I am counting it.  Think of it like a bread bowl only completely all around!

wrap 2

Wrap, salad… either way it is lots of veggies.  Girl has to switch it up a little every now & then.

Slightly surprised how easy it has been to have it as my go to meal.  Much better than some drive thru dash.

Another confession….  The training for the 5K completely off track.

I could give a million excuses, but why both? Fact is I don’t feel ready.  Still backing out is NOT an option I am willing to consider so off to the Electric Run I go Friday.  Come what may it will certainly be an experience new to me.


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