What you say? a Salad a Day?

Imagine how happy a body would be if it got what it wanted all of the time.  The good stuff, not the indulgences that end up leaving you feeling crashed and lethargic.  The fresh vibrant healthy stuff.

As while back I started making smoothies again and it has become a habit.  One I missed while away.  Thankfully when visiting my family usually I still get a smoothie thanks to Dad letting me have some space in the freezer to store stuff and a mini blender that is ready to pack & go where I need it.

Salads and Smoothies Daily

Salads however, I have really gotten out of the habit of eating.  Frankly many salads I see people eating just gross me out.  I’m not a fan of dressings or mayonnaise (I don’t even like the sound of that word) or an iceberg girl.  Wish I had a penny for every time I got a strange look when I ordered my salad dry.  I would be living at Disney World.  Yes THAT often.  I admit that it is odd to many but we all have our food quirks.

1.  a. A dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.  b. The course of a meal consisting of this dish.
2. A cold dish of chopped vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, or other food, usually prepared with a dressing, such as mayonnaise.
3. A green vegetable or herb used in salad, especially lettuce.
4. A varied mixture:
I’m still lost as to what officially makes a salad exactly, but for me I will define it as something that is mostly fruits or vegetables and less cooked than a typical dish.  Fresh, healthy ingredients.  Another step in my attempt to live life in full vivid color  – even on my plates!
Truth is I remember a time where I ate salads daily & loved it.  Was easier then working somewhere that had a fresh salad bar with various seasonal ingredients.  Also was easy to grab ingredients for home prep.  Why did I quit?  Because after I stopped that job, it was just easier to grab other stuff.
One thing I have learned in bringing back the smoothie addiction is preparation is everything.  If I don’t already have the ingredients in the house, it simply isn’t going to happen for me.  Same goes for salads.  Might take me a while to get back into the habit again, but organization and planning should be a little work at the go but come natural as I go.
Luckily we have several farmers markets in the area and some great retail options to get local, fresher than fresh good stuff.
As far as equipment, I already have a salad spinner, bowls, cutting boards and plenty of storage for ingredients.  Easy peasy.  Good to go there although I know I will come across gadgets and gizmos that I will want along the way.
With Pinterest, blogs & recipes galore all over the web and magazines there should be no shortage of inspiration.
The possibilities are endless.  I think you could have a salad for 3 meals a day every day for 10 years and there would still be combinations you didn’t think of or try.  Just so much goodness out there.
Promise I won’t become one of those chicks who only orders a small salad on dates and barely picks at it.  Nope.  I like to add the extras.  I have to think that piling on cheese, chicken or whatever on veggies is still going to be healthier and keep me feeling more energy than just having them on a sandwich without the vegetables.
So the idea is a salad a day.  Break the bad habits I have fallen into with comfort and quick on the go fast food.  Get back to what actually makes me fell good on a daily basis.  Sure there will be days I slip, but if the good out weights the bad, I’m all for it.
Off to get groceries & get this plan in action.

3 thoughts on “What you say? a Salad a Day?

    • I actually have a sweet potato in the oven as I read this! They are soooo good.

      & so are salads. All depends on what goes into them. Fast food places that offer old iceberg, sliced tomatoes and a fatty dressing will never get my attention, but fresh veggies tossed together at home put a zing in my step! 🙂

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