Bananas & Turtleheads

So at a recent party we got to reminiscing about 80s stuff. Conversation turned to jelly bracelets.  Friend mentioned how Ricky Schroder wore a couple, we all wondered where ours ended up & how something goes from being treasured to tossed aside.  Then someone mentioned they had heard kids were calling them “Sex bands” & each color had a different meaning.  Huh?  Weird.


 Was surprised to find a bunch of different ones while shopping & just couldn’t resist the urge when I found glitter ones on sale cheap!  Got my set & tossed them on loving life with my jellies, straight leg jeans & all stars.  (LOVE my chucks!)

Curiosity got the best of me & thanks to google information is right there ready to be discovered easy & quick. Wouldn’t you know it.  Sure enough some twisted fuk has perverted the innocence of my past.  I thought I was bordering over the top cutesy kid flashback not sex kitten porn shop flashy!  What next the Cabbage Patch Sex dolls?!? Gross.

Meh.  I don’t care.  I am wearing them anyway.

I’ve been in a funk of a mood, it is high time to have fun.  Creative muse inspire away!  Fortunately for me, it is time for another round of the Pintester Movement.



Started with the intentions of making banana “ice cream”. I had a banana.  I had a freezer.  Let’s do this! Easy & sounded great.  That quickly turned to a fail when I learned the handy mini-food processor crapped out on me.  Add it to the list of things to replace around here.  Moved it to the min-blender (why do I have mini everything? oh yeah.. my kitchen is tiny!) which also turned out to be a no-go since it sounded like it was ready to explode.  Didn’t want to blow it since I’ve become a smoothie addict.  It demanded liquid to work yet the recipe didn’t. Course she smooshes it all up in a ziploc.  Frankly that just seemed a tad like a lot of work which just didn’t sound fun.  I just gave up.  Call it a #Fail.


Ok not a true fail since that frozen banana went towards a killer smoothie.

Still not to be fully defeated, on to round two.  Seems it is better to give than to receive.  The second attempt worked.


Sponge painted baby onesie? yup I know a lil man who could benefit from me being crafty! Hey it worked for the Pintester, why not me? Thankfully it did.  She got the idea from a set of tea towels.

I had the paint, the sponge, scissors… just had to go get some onesies!


Instead of a heart, I decided the little guy would get a turtle.  Shells seemed easy enough.  Added on the head, flipper feet & tail with a bit of glittery puff fabic paint (hey he may as well be exposed to his aunt’s glitter facination early!) but the rest is just regular matte fabric paint.

Simple.  Just cut the shape, dip, press & dry.



Looking forward to seeing the little wiggly guy in this very soon.  One day maybe he will get to come swim with the sea turtles and visit his aunt at the beach.  Probably should master walking first though.  Til then, I visit him.

…and make him crafty stuff when I get bored.


which is in no way a #Fail


14 thoughts on “Bananas & Turtleheads

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  2. Love the onesie. I’m making a set of these for my sister when her baby is born. She is in the ” I don’t want to know the gender until its born” camp, and I can’t handle not knowing so we are at an impasse. t.

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