Try Again


Remember back when I made the goal of 100 miles in one month?

I promised myself some bright new shoes if I achieved the 100 miles before the end of June.

942308_10201454216979706_1031225457_n (1)

The kicker is I didn’t get to the 100 miles.  Even if I did get the shoes!

My Dad ended up needing new shoes & since they were buy a pair & get one half off, he treated me to a new pair.  Promise it wasn’t my idea but I am very grateful!  Truthfully, everything does feel better in good shoes.  Never really realized how worn out the others wear until I slipped these on.

Part of me wants to keep them in the box until I can reach the goal, but nah.

However I will keep trying.

Just now the goal is to complete the Electric Run without giving up… something I did off & on in June.

Life tosses in a lot of obstacles when you set goals but it is up to us to keep focused and achieve what we set out to do.  I’m flexible.  So hitting restart!

July will be the month of 100 miles.

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