Comfort of Cousins

Spent this last week with family again.  Extremely grateful for family now more than ever.  This time family came up to my sister’s from South Florida for some girl time.  Wedding planning,shopping, catching up and of course lots of baby snuggle time.   There is no replacing Mom, but aunts can sure due when you need a dose of expert female advice mixed in with memories and that security of being with someone who has been there over the years and knows where you are coming from.  I only hope that one day, my nephew finds comfort in time together as much as I enjoy time with my aunts.

Had to laugh inside when my aunt surprised with a new glass!


My cousin is OBSESSED with Tervis tumblers & my sister seems to love hers. To me they seemed like overpriced cups, something I had plenty of in my house.  My aunt did just like my Mom used to do when we all would go out shopping.  Sneaky buy something she thought might make you smile, just because.  Guess it runs in the family.  Which comforts me.

It didn’t escape me that I had been upset about a broken glass and now I was being presented with a new (nearly unbreakable) one that in a totally different way, was so very me.

Plus this one is proving to be incredibly useful in traveling in the heat.  Can’t believe it kept ice in a blazing hot car while we shopped.  Also loving that it I can take it to class and not worry about accidentally setting my notes or book on wet rings left on the desk top.

Cousins…  to me they are just siblings that aren’t around as much!  Giggles together just seem more pure and healing.  Felt great being with my sister & two of my cousins all weekend.  No big events, nothing we had to get done.  Just togetherness.

Yesterday brought me back home and to reality.

One of those realizations was that there are six weeks til the Electric Run 5K & it is time to formally lay out training schedule.  So I did.  But for me this isn’t about times or pushing myself physically as much as it is overcoming this danged fear of crowds.  Figure under the cover of night & with the distraction of the glow in the dark, fun party atmosphere, I can do it & have fun.  Still it is a 5K & part of it will be finishing without completely dropping dead on the track.  I have been less than organized about exercising.  Baby steps.

sorry for the blurry pic, but I was on a treadmill, unlike the pug

sorry for the blurry pic, but I was on a treadmill, unlike the pug

Unfortunately Baxter isn’t as excited and is going to be less than motivating.


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