What Can I Put Glitter On Today?

Had a wonderful afternoon with a bestie that it had been far too long since we had been in the same city at the same time.  There is just something special about  laughter shared between two old friends.  Warms the soul and reminds you that relationships really are what life is all about.

Thankfully after a crazy not so great day yesterday, today has been simply bliss. Just like I was determined it would be!

We all need me days sometimes.  Relax.  Pamper yourself.  Splurge. Get creative & let your heart thrive!

After lunch & a few errands it was play time.  Pintester style!

See today is the first day ever of THE PINTESTER MOVEMENT!

The Pintester herself has motivated bloggers all over to try that idea that they have pinned on Pinterest & just set aside.  Together we are all just getting off our duffs & doing it.   (& if you haven’t check out the Pintester blog, you really need to! She tries it ALL…. win or lose.)

First project I decided to attempt is a simple one I have admired for too long.  Everyone needs a notebook that makes them smile.  For me, glitter does that!  Purple glitter… that smile gets extra big!  A Girl In Paradise posted how she dazzled up a basic composition book a while ago and I pinned it for later.  It sat waiting but thanks to Pintester’s push… here goes nothing!

Basic composition books are cheap, but lets face it… a tad boring.  Luckily I found purple ones on sale & grabbed a few.  Still they didn’t exactly inspire greatness.  So glitter it up!

I used her tutorial, but added in a few steps like 1) Oops I forgot to put on the painters tape &  2)Crap I know I have some around this house somewhere, oh hell just use this packing tape.  You basically smear modge podge all over the cover & sprinkle glitter on it, then follow up with another layer of the modge podge to lock it in.


Hint: Check the glitter bottle BEFORE shaking. For some reason it wasn’t working til I discovered it needed to be opened!


Still need to let it dry,  but I LOVE it so far.  Probably not the best for heavy usage unless you don’t mind glitter all over, but I don’t mind.


Got lucky when I went to get the modge podge & glitter & found a sale.  Which means MORE CRAFTINESS!  They had bags of marbles & glass rocks for $1 each.  My mind immediately went to two pins & I decided in the spirit of the day, they too will be done.

Both again entirely too simple to have waited this long to do.

One for sharing smiles and one for motivation.

First the one for me… well a teaser.  I have seen the weight loss motivation jars of marbles all over pinterest.  Great visual of how far you have gone & what you have left.  Decided to do my own version.  More to come on that later, but I will say there are a hundred little marbles in the glass that I hope to move over starting in June!  Not going to be pounds lost but there will be a fitness aspect.


Second one involves rocks and strangers.

I love seeing the colorful painted stones.  Easy peasy, but again one of those things I just never took time to do. Til the Pintester Movement!

cheap rocks, cheap paint, cheap brushes.... smiles to strangers randomly - priceless

cheap rocks, cheap paint, cheap brushes…. smiles to strangers randomly – priceless

The plan (after they finish drying) is to try to carry a few around & slip them all over for people to find.  Could bring a smile to someone or at least spark a bit of curiosity! Why not spread the love?


Finally on to the last one.  The beverage!  Anyone who has ever spent anytime on Pinterest has drooled over their share of photos of food & drinks they wish they could taste through the screen.  I know probably half my pins are food.

On a hot day like today, you need something cool & this one hit the spot.  I had seen it just yesterday on Pinterest and decided it was worth trying.

I'm not a mason jar girl but that looks so good.

I’m not a mason jar girl but that looks so good.

Watermelon, coconut water & lime juice.  De-fricking-lish.  Skinny Summer Blender drink? yes please!


So the mini watermelon I bought SAID seedless, but in reality had these small white seeds all through it.  No worries though, the blender made nice work of them.  It is 3 parts watermelon, 1 part coconut water, with a splash of lime juice.  The real recipe had mint which probably is really good, but only if you have some on hand or remember to buy it with the other ingredients… which I didn’t. So meh.  No mint, but it is really good.

I went for champagne glass instead of the mason jar.  Just more my style.


Also if you go big & take a massive sip like I may or may not have, it may or may not leave a read “milk mustache” on your lips.  Fun!  Would be a great summer drink for party fun.  Even if you add some champagne, which I may or may not have done on my second glass!  It could be really good like that, just saying.

So there you go.

Pins pinned & actually done.

Guess that means Pinterest isn’t such a waste of time after all right?

Maybe tomorrow I will be more productive in things that matter, but I wouldn’t trade today for anything in the world.  Got to play once in a while.



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