Blog? What Blog?

Life is just flying by!

Been spending a lot of time with family lately.  Seems babies & life just take a lot of attention.  I thought with Mom’s passing I would be in Charlotte less, but seems I’m here more than ever.

My goals & world seem to have been put on hold, but I don’t mind a bit.  Turns out newborns aren’t scary at all.  I ADORE taking care of my nephew! Diapers, crying & all.  Who knew? He just has a way of making all right in the world.  The faces he makes melt me.

I joke about how much this year has been awful and that I can’t take much more 2013, but then I remember 2013 is the year this sweet cherub arrived & stole our hearts.  Thankfully.


Hope for the future.

So on to getting back to normal, the new version of it…. sooner or later.

Til then we are taking things one onesie at a time.  Baby steps and big dreams.

Tonight I head back home to a hot house where the air condition has decide to quit.  Dentist visit, homework for this summer session’s classes, lots of laundry, then hoping to hit the beach for a me day before I head back to the Queen City.  Living the gypsy life on the move,  but cramming it all full of family, memories & good food.  So many plans brewing in my head but for now I’m content just being where I am.


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