A to Z

My world has completely been turned upside down.

Wednesday, I became an aunt officially!


After seeing glimpses of how changed my world would be if I lost my sister & her baby, we got the best news we could ever hear – I had  a new nephew and both he & his Mom were doing good.

Zane entered the world and we will never be the same.

Already he has his aunt wrapped around his tiny little fingers.  Luckily he is one of the best mannered and sweetest beings on the planet.  Hardly a fuss at all.  Content to be snuggled and enjoy seeing anything you care to share.

If only Mom could be here getting to know this guy and getting to see my sister being the natural mom she is.  She has to be so very proud.  Today I was lucky enough to get to give my nephew his first nail trim.  Didn’t even have a clue how babies have such sharp nails at birth!  Hard to fathom that it wasn’t that long ago I gave Mom her the last manicure.   So many questions I wish I could ask her right now.  Learning so much and feel so blessed to be included in this time.  Bit overwhelming how much has changed so quickly, but grateful for all we have.

So funny how in an instant, everything changes.

Sometimes, it even changes for the better!

Welcome to the world little one.  May you always know you are loved, laugh more than you cry & be lucky in all you do.  May you always be true to you.



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