New territory

It dawned on me today how much life has changed.

Not just since Mom passing, but over all, in general.

For example, while running errands I wandered into the makeup section.  I knew I needed a fresh tube & there was a rumor going around that the local spot now sold NYX.  Thalia is the perfect shade for my lips I swear so this delighted me!

Sadly the rumor was mistaken.  They had NYC stuff, which just wasn’t the same. Still I managed to spend about 20 minutes dreaming & left with several new additions.  Night cream, cleanser, moisturizer with high SPF… evidently now I drool over antiwrinkle stuff now more than new shades of shadow.

Also a package in the mail delighted me when I got home.  What? a ruffler foot for the sewing machine.  Why? because of all the possibilities for cute baby stuff.  Not some new sexy outfit or gadget to spend time wasting unproductively… a sewing machine foot.  Should be interesting trying to figure out how to use it without Mom’s insight.  Thank gawdess for the internet!  I know I can do them without the attachment, but it is supposed to be a huge time saver.

Updated the online dating profile & received a message from a friend who also just hopped back on.  He joked about if we both stayed single til 40 we get married.  It reminded me about those promises made in high school, except then I think it was if we were both single at 35 because that was sooooo old back then. Instead of thinking it would be nice to have a back up, I just thought “why would I need to get married at that point?”  Why would an age be a trigger?  Like it is on the edge of some cliff into old age.  No longer do I care.  Being single isn’t some horrible thing to avoid at all cost & ensure that your friends don’t end up that way.  Without love, I just don’t even see the purpose.  Watching my parents together and now my Dad without her just solidifies my belief that when it is real, it is worth it.  Even if it hurts like hell when it is over.

….and can I just say how fabulous my face feels right now?  Yes at some point in life you should upgrade & go for the good stuff.


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