Truffala Troubles

Some days I miss my Mom even more than others.

We saw things differently, which caused a lot of problems growing up but later helped.  We respected each other.  She never really got my beliefs but she got that they made sense to me and that worked.  She was great to brainstorm with.  It frustrated me to no end occasionally but sometimes her ways did work out better.

Thankfully even as limited as she was the last few months, she helped me dream up ideas for the baby shower.

Today I needed her input.

I tried to make trees. Truffala trees.


Because…. well isn’t that what everyone does on Spring Break?

Trying to create a few decorations for the Seuss Shower for my Sister.  (Like Seuss, I enjoy alliteration.)


Seemed like a simple task.  Styrofoam balls, mini terra cotta pots, floral foam, feather boas (because colored fur was REALLY hard to find & then ended up being priced at $29.99 per yard when I did! No thanks.), sticks from my Dad’s backyard painted and glue.


Cut the floral foam into squares to fit down in the pots.


Stick the sticks.


Then top off with a styrofoam ball.  This is where the simple ended for me.


I stabbed the end of the boa into the base of the ball.  Next step was to glue the feathers around the ball, thus completing the fuzzy fictional flora.

Evidently the glue my Dad had around the house had seen better days….. a LONG time ago.  Try as much as I could, it would not come out to play.

At this point, just give up & toss the old glue.  Life is much to short to have to fish out chunky dried parts and still wonder why it isn’t working. Trust me on this.


Who knew they made glue specifically for stryrofoam? Score!


So this story does have a happy ending after all.

You don’t even have to see the blue feather stuck to my thumb there.  Just focus on the beautiful blue bush blossoming for the bash!

Thinking Mom would be proud after all.



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