Random Thoughts from my Bed

Laying around trying to kick the crap out of this flu has lead me to think a lot of random stuff.  As if I needed any inspiration.

I need to figure out what I can do with all these random fortunes from fortune cookies.  I usually put them into my planner.  Tape them on to the day that I got them.  Thinking there has to be something better I can do with them all.

How can all of my body be on fire yet my toes and shoulders still feel like ice cubes?

Wild how I have connected most with the Strength tarot card over the years & just discovered it is the same number card as my birth date numerology!  They are both nine.  Wild.  Just wild.  (Thanks to Sally Dubats blog for this realization!)


Why doesn’t the chinese place have freebie chopsticks anymore? Sign of tight economy or they just ran out.  Either way it taste better not from a plastic fork.

Reba McIntire’s former husband (or husbands) must have really hurt her. Caught the show Malibu Country, which I thought was Reba, her old show.  Man cheats, woman leaves & does better off without her.  Seems to be a theme in these sit coms of hers.  Also Sara Rue has lost a LOT of weight.  She looks great both ways.

Something has died in my kitchen sink & is not going to quit haunting me until it gets a proper funeral.

Am I really supposed to read this forum about the Plex app without laughing when they are abbreviating Plex Media Server to PMS? Cuz I don’t think I am going to be able to.  Saying that PMS is confusing or a life saver is just not going to have me thinking about streaming video clips from the internet to my TV.  Ok maybe it is just the cabin fever.

This room needs more glitter.

I have no idea how drag queens & tacky ladies can wear these humongous earrings without it stretching out their ears at all.  They look so heavy.  (was watching RuPaul’s Untucked episode)

I can’t even remember the last time I set foot on a boat.  Considering I live at the beach, this is sad.  Need to change this soon.

Pug farts & nausea do not mix well.

While my sister has said no glitter for her house, period… I may just have to get a pair of these shoes for my nephew/niece in the making! Just too fun & of course Aunt Ali has to be the one to give them their first glitter shoes.  Silver works for boys & girls, so seems safe.


Really wish my friend with the hot tub lived closer.  I would so take him up on the sneak in anytime & use it invite right about now.

All in all as much as I hate the way I have felt the past week, I know I will get better.  I will at some point soon be back to myself & up out of this bed, house & achy body.  For this I am thankful & it is giving me a whole new sympathy for Mom’s situation.  I don’t know how she isn’t going nuts.     I feel guilty not being there this weekend.  Not doing what I can to give everyone a break.  Hoping that soon I can be with them again.

No.  Just no.  Not satisfying at all.

1. Recipe: I don’t even want to think about food right now. No new recipes this week unless you count having a can of Sprite & plain noodles as dinner.
2. Writing: up to 5,65 words! Mixture of papers for school, blog and the novel.
3. Ocean: missing my ocean time.  Just haven’t felt like it.  I know it would feel great to be there, but getting there just seems like too much.

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